7:14 am - Wednesday February 21, 2018

Cold Weather Masonry Work

The masonry contractors of today no longer have to wait for warm weather to get right to work on your home masonry projects. Techniques such as heating mortar ingredients and protected enclosures allow the masonry-work season to extend way beyond September. A skilled masonry company should have tarps and heating equipment to ensure successful completion of masonry projects in cold weather. Though it is possible wet weather can make masonry work a bit more difficult, it is not impossible. Similarly, contrary to popular belief, landscaping work can also be started in the winter. For instance, walkway construction and driveway paving can certainly be created by cold weather masonry contractors in winter months. Retaining walls, chimney repairs, and pool design masonry are other options to consider during these months. For those wanting immediate masonry design work, working in the winter should not be ruled out at all.


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