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A Deeper Insight on Sleeping Disorders!

Stress and other factors can cause sleeplessness temporary but sometimes frequently. But if it is happening on a regular basis and interfering your day to day life then it needs attention as you may be suffering from some type of sleeping disorder. Sleeplessness can stress you most as you will feel tired and irritated whole day. It can even cause emotional imbalance by harming your health. If you think it’s happening with you check out what it can be? And how you can tackle it?

Symptoms of sleeping disorder

Usually feeling restless and not able to sleep almost every day is the biggest symptom of sleeping disorder. Sleeping problem achieves its peak slowly. People can point out that you are looking tired. Feeling sleepy and tired whole day points out your sleeping problem! Reacting over emotionally to everything can be caused by sleepless nights as it takes a toll on your mental health also. You may feel a strong urge to sleep while driving. Keep on forgetting little of the things can make you irritated and exhausted.

Common sleeping disorders

Most common sleeping disorder is Insomnia. It is the failure to get the amount of sleep you require to wake up refreshed and active. It may also point to the increasing stress and burden of responsibilities in your life. Then comes sleep apnea. In it you stop breathing temporarily during sleep due to blocked upper airways. It’s a life threatening disease but can be cured with medical help. Next is Restless legs syndrome (RLS). It is a common sleeping disorder and most often goes undetected. If you are suffering from RLS you feel a strong urge to move your legs or arm constantly while lying down.These leg movements are triggered by rest and get worse at night causing difficulty in sleeping.


Most of the sleeping problems are caused by wrong lifestyle and stress. Sometimes these disorders can be caused by the medication you are on and the amount of coffee you are drinking. Lack of physical work can also lead to sleeping disorders. Resetting your internal clock because of official trips and long journeys can also cause sleepless nights.


Better sleep, better health – make it a mantra of your lifestyle. Exercise regularly. Try to manage your stress levels by yoga and meditation. Induce good eating habits in your life style. Try to reduce your jet lag. A bit of stretching before going to bed can help with better sleep. Going to bed early can help the situation. Always talk about the side effects and their remedies before starting any sleep disorder medication. If nothing seems to help call your doctor let him help you with medicines.

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