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Chafing dishes –their varieties and utilities

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There are various kinds of chafing dishes rentals available in the market. Here in this article you will get to know about the different sets that are available in the market. Just make a note of the following items and then decide what to rent and what not. Before reading about the varieties, first understand what a chafing dish is.

What is chafing dish?

Chafing dishes are the dishes that are used by the caterers to serve the foods. There are different types and patterns of the dishes. Among all of them, you will have to consider different shapes, since each of them is going to be used in different style and purpose.

Variety of chafing dishes

  • Rectangular chafing dish – This is the style of dish that has been used for the main entrees in almost all the buffet arrangements. The containing capacities of these dishes are more and that can be regarded as one reason, for which they are used for the main entrees.
  • Round Chafing – To serve the sauces, desserts and side dishes, this round chafing is used. The capacity of the dishes is less and for that the dishes cannot be used for the main entrees. However, the dishes are wide enough. Therefore, decorations remain easy.
  • Oval dishes – This is also used for main entrees. The capacity of the dishes is more, and your caterer can feel ease to serve food through this.
  • Soup Chafing dish – This are small vessels, but excellent wedding decor rentals, your caterers would use. They are usually used for serving soups. Sauces, gravies and different liquids are served through the help of these vessels.
  • Square dishes – They are small and less deep, ideal for serving side dishes. Now get that dish and serve food in an identical style.
  • Drop-in chafing – This is a food station that has to be installed on the table. This is going to be the best support for the buffet and your caterer will install the same on the tables.
  • Griddle Chaffing – This is a dish that is going to help your caterer to distribute the snacks. The starters and other casual items in the event are served by the caterers.
  • Coffee Chafing – They are commonly used in the hotels, but now buffets are using them for the delivery of coffee and hot drinks in the party.

Above are some of the various chafing styles and glassware rentals for party dc, used in the different parties or marriage ceremonies. Check out the price of the rentals, referring to various websites and chose the best one for you.

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