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Consider the best exercise to lose weight and reduce the belly

Before you panic about how to lose belly fat, remember that many overweight people are quite healthy. While fat under the skin may raise issues about appearances, the belly fat could be risky. Abdominal obesity is present when the waist measures beyond 35 inches for women and 40 inches for men.


Exercise works wonders


Some people don’t exercise, no matter what, not even walking, jogging, running, cycling or swimming. Yet consider the manifold benefits of exercise to ensure longevity, metabolism, avoid inflammation, control blood sugar and build endurance. Abdominal exercise would hardly work though the spot reduction is possible. Several studies indicate that aerobic exercises like walking and running, swimming too, are effective in reducing belly fat. Besides, the lost weight does not return. Regular exercise would maintain weight at an optimum level.

Two exercises aimed at reducing belly fat would help. Bend at the hips is the first one, hold a dumbbell with both hands at arm’s length in the front. Now bend back and swing the dumbbell lower between the legs. Now raise the weight up to shoulder height. Repeat the action. The second exercise requires you to squat with bent hips and knees low enough to place the hands on the floor. Now jump up to a standing position to complete one round. Repeat several times.

Appropriate diets count

Avoid harmful sugar in whatever form that contains glucose and fructose, only the liver being able to metabolize fructose. Excess fructose turns into fat. Sugar increases belly and liver fat. Say goodbye to fruit juice, sports drinks and sugary drinks.

Embrace protein in order to lose belly fat. With plenty of protein in the diet, shed weight will not return. Some studies indicate that protein works well against belly fat. With a protein rich diet, metabolism increases by 100 calories every day, craving for food is reduced 55% and you need to eat 400 calories less each day. On the other hand, vegetable oils increase belly fat. Eating seafood, poultry and eggs and fish but unprocessed along with dairy products would supply ample protein. Whey protein and coconut oil cooking also help.


Reduce carbs in the diet, which means getting rid of white breads and pastas would suffice if protein is high in the diet. With carbs as low as 50 grams a day, the appetite is lost and the body burns fat. Remember that low carb diets have other health benefits too, like helping to relieve type 2 diabetes.


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