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Considering Window Replacement? How To Make The Job Easier On Your Contractors

If you’re considering handling your home’s window replacement yourself, you know that there’s a lot of work to do! You need to measure your windows, understand what material is best for your house and then complete the installation. Because this is such a major undertaking, many smart homeowners choose to contact a window replacement company to do the work. Although this definitely minimizes the work that homeowners need to do (as well as ensuring that the job is done correctly and with the right tools!), there are a few things that homeowners should do before their contractors arrive.

If you’re about to have replacement windows installed in your home, talk to your contractor about what he or she would like you to do beforehand. His or her needs may vary, but here are a few common things that you can expect to do.

Contact Your Alarm Company Before Having Replacement Windows Installed

If your home is monitored by an alarm company, you should check to see if you have glass break sensors installed. These sensors are set to go off if the glass breaks or there’s a disruption, which means you could have the police at your doorstep if they aren’t turned off. Depending on the type of alarm you have, the company may be able to turn these sensors off remotely, but it may be necessary to schedule a service call to have them removed. Once your replacement windows are installed, you’ll need to call to schedule an alarm technician to have the sensors reinstalled so that your home has the same level of protection as before.

Remove Coverings Before Window Replacement

It’s easiest for your contractors if they’re not trying to work around your curtains and window blinds. Simply pushing them aside or up out of the way isn’t going to be enough — you need to remove them entirely. You may be able to leave curtain rod hangers installed and simply remove the rod and the curtain, but blinds should be removed entirely, especially if they’re installed within the frame. In addition to creating an open workspace for your contractor, you’re also protecting your curtains, blinds or wood shutters from dirt, dust and even accidental damage when you remove them.

Give Your Contractors A Place To Work

Lastly, make sure that your contractors have the space they need. They’ll need access to both the inside and outside of your home during the window replacement. Cover any landscaping with tarps or drop cloths to protect it from dirt and debris that may fall from your home. Inside, remove artwork that’s hanging on the same wall, even if it’s not physically located near the window. The walls may shake a bit during the installation process and this helps ensure that your artwork won’t fall off the walls. Also move furniture and removable floor covers to an opposite wall to create an open workspace.

If you’re planning on having a window replacement done on your home, talk to your contractors about any other ways you can make the installation process go more smoothly. You’re your contractors have open workspaces and don’t need to worry about curtains or glass break sensors, they’ll be able to get right to work, minimizing the disruption to your home.

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