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Easy Way to Paint Plantation Shutters

Know that there is a simple way to paint plantation shutters. If your window covering has lost their shade over the years, you don’t have to spend tons of cash on changing them, but you can only repaint them. This will permit you not just your shutters some shine and color, but also refresh the look of your interior.

Know about window shutters

The primary thing you will have to perform is detached the shutters from the window. It is vital to rightly mark each panel, in order of returning them into the best position, once the painting is completed. This also goes for hinges and other hardware, since any difference can cause alignment issues. Once you have removed windows shutters, it would be wise to remove all the hardware, like knobs, hooks, or hinges attached to the panels.

The next step is right cleaning of the panels. Ensure to this fully, since any debris or dirt on the surface will not only make it difficult for the paint to stick but can also affect how perfect your newly painted shutter surface look.

The next thing you will have to perform is scraped the shutter using some sandpaper and some metal paint scraper. This way you will get a perfect surface much easier to paint.

Before applying the paint to your plantation shutters, it would be ample to use some water based primer. Covering the full surface with a thin coat of primer will permit the paint to stick much easier.

Once you have determined how you are going to paint your indoor plantation shutters, prepare the working area. You can either hang the panels which will permit you to paint both sides simultaneously or locate them onto the floor, previously covered with some old cloth or newspaper, which means that you will have to paint one side and once it is dry, turn the panel and paint the other side.

Indoor plantation shutters

Finally, you can start the shutter painting work. If you have opted for a paint brush, use flat brushes in order of applying the paint more perfectly. Paint in strikes, even smooth. If you have planned to use paint spray, just shake the bottle right before you begin and use the paint quite vertically than horizontally. Keep the can about thirty centimeters from the panel and spray the color perfectly with no abrupt moves which can cause smudges and difference in shades of color. Once the layer of paint on indoor plantation shutters bethesda md should perform the trick, but if you want a more intense blue, you can include another layer.

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