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How to Choose Sunglasses for Your Face Type?

When you are looking for sunglasses for women, you have to keep in mind that glasses come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. The reason is not hard to understand. Facial sizes and shapes tend to vary across wearers, and you can find women having different types of faces. Even women as close as sisters or mothers and daughters can have different types of faces. You should choose a sunglass based on the kind of face you have. Choosing a pair that does not suit your facial profile will serve in no way to make you look stylish and attractive. Check out some tips on the type of glass that you should choose, based on your facial size and shape.

Round faces            

If you have a round face and you will like to put on designer sunglasses for eye protection as well as fashion, it is a good idea to try thick framed and dark lens sunglasses. Make sure that the color of the frames is not very bold and the lens color matches your skin complexion as well.

Narrow face

In case you have a narrow and small face, you should choose glasses with frames of small sizes. The lens color should also be light. With this combination, you will have a winner on your eyes. Otherwise, you may go for a pair of frameless light shades and the results will be just as great for you.

Long face

You are simply lucky if you happen to have a long face. It is best to go for a high quality sunglass that comes with a thick frame and wide lenses. The combination of thick, wide and long will be ideal for you, and work wonders to make your face look very beautiful. However, you have to make sure that the lens color suits the complexion of your facial skin.

Wide face

In case you have a wide forehead and a much wider chin, oversized sunglasses are what you need to go for. These can help cover up the variance between the upper and lower parts of your face. When it comes to specs, the horizontal length of the sunglasses needs to be chosen as wide as possible. Although you cannot make yourself beautiful with sunglasses alone, the right ones will help you a lot in beautifying your facial profile at least apparently. Go for designer sunglasses shop salt lake city that come in varied shapes and sizes these days.

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