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How to cure your insomnia in your early pregnancy days?

An expectant mother normally faces many frustrating problems.  Sleep problems is the most frustrating among them.  Being pregnant and insomnia in the early days of pregnancy  go hand in hand with every pregnant woman. Many reasons can be there for the difficulty felt by the pregnant woman in falling asleep or in maintaining a good sleep. Some of them and easy home remedies for solving such problems are discussed below.

Frequent urination: your kidney will be working extra for filtering increased amount of blood needed in the pregnant period.  This produces increased urine. Te presence of the baby in the uterus causes extra pressure on the bladder. This causes frequent urge for urination.  To reduce urination during night drink all your fluids during day time and take little fluids only during night. This will reduce the production of urine during night and will give the pregnant woman some relief from the urge for frequent urination.

Constipation and heartburn: Pregnant women usually feel heartburn. This is because the digestion goes slower during the pregnancy period. This makes the food to remain inside stomach for more time causing constipation and heartburn. As the size of the uterus increases, heartburn also increases as uterus presses the stomach more than ever. Taking over the counter antacids is found to be very helpful and there is no need to consult a sleep study center doctor for this purpose.

Body aches: Growing size of fetus is the number one cause for the problems related to sleep felt by pregnant women. As the baby starts growing the pregnant woman finds it difficult to find a convenient sleeping position. They often sleep on their back for longer periods.  Doctors working in sleep study center are of the opinion that pregnant women should sleep on their left side for maximizing blood flow and for comfort of the pregnant and insomnia women. Using a maternity pillow is also good for giving comfort to the pregnant women while sleeping. There are full body contoured special pillows that are good for maximizing comfort and providing good sleep. Maternity pillows not only help pregnant women in the early days of pregnancy, it also helps them to get better sleep throughout their pregnancy. When the growing size of the baby starts making sleeping or lying down very difficult, pregnancy pillows help the pregnant women to get maximum possible comfort. More information about this pillow can be got by logging on to relevant pages.

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