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How To Work With Professional Recruiters?

In today’s employment market, finding a new position can seem like a daunting task. Professional recruiters have the inside scoop on available positions with great companies and can be an amazing resource during the job hunt.

However, the recruiter can’t do all of the work! Both parties have to be fully engaged in the search. Knowing how to participate in the search process will greatly increase the odds of finding the perfect career opportunity.

Don’t Overdo It

Although it may be tempting to send résumés to all of the professional recruiters in town, that’s not necessarily the best strategy. Because many companies work with more than one recruiting agency, working with multiple agents carries the risk of having your resume forwarded to the same employer by more than one recruiting firm. This puts the employer in the awkward position of having to choose which search firm to work with, and they may solve this problem by passing you over altogether.

Instead, try finding just one or two agents who specialize in your particular career field. This way not only are the chances of duplicate applications reduced, but the recruiting agent will be better equipped to find positions that fit your particular skills and talents.

Honesty Is The Best Policy With Professional Recruiters

Keep in mind that a professional recruiter’s task is to help you; therefore, it’s in your best interest to be honest at all times. If you really are willing to take any job that comes up, it’s fine to say so, but if there are certain positions that you don’t care for or just aren’t interested in, make sure the recruiting agency knows that. Some job hunters feel that they must be as accommodating as possible in order to cast the net as widely as they can, but this can actually be counterproductive. No agency wants to waste both their time and yours by submitting your name for positions that are not appropriate.

Keep Coming Back

The goal of working with professional recruiters, of course, is to find a long-term career. However, that doesn’t always work out. Circumstances can change or perhaps the occupation isn’t as good a fit as it seemed, and recruiting agencies understand that.

If this is the case and you find yourself in need of a new position, go back to the same recruiting agency that you worked with before, even if it’s been a few years. You obviously did well with them the first time around, so why not try them again? It’s likely that they’ll be able to help you find another job even faster than before.

Finding a new career opportunity can seem like an overwhelmingly stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be. Working with professional recruiters can take some of the load off your shoulders and increase the chances of success. Just remember to choose your recruiting agency carefully, always be honest, and stay loyal, and you’ll be in a new job in no time.

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