4:51 am - Friday February 23, 2018

Iowa Republican Caucus Results


Iowa clears away some of the field

After the closest Iowa caucus in history wrapped up  last night it showed Mitt Romney coming out on top by a handful of votes. The top three contenders were so close in margin it’s hard to tell how the front runners will favor along the primary trial although there will be plenty of analysts gazing into their political crystal balls. What Iowa could tell us with more certainty however is who the “losers” of the night were. Bachmann has admitted defeat by canceling her presidential run after coming in with just 5% just above Huntsman who didn’t campaign in Iowa. Rick Perry has put his South Carolina campaign on hold while he returns to Texas to “reflect” after finishing in fifth place in Iowa. It would seem that Rick Perry’s initial surge after announcing his run is fading fast, his multiple public gaffes probably aren’t helping either.

Fourth place finisher Newt Gingrich despite only coming in a couple of percentage points above Rick Perry  is as fired up as ever about his presidential campaign. He points to other Republican nominees who have finished low in Iowa, and he continues in his attack on Iowa caucus winner Romney. In the upcoming months there will be a plethora of journalist and political analysts reporting on the republican nomination that then the 2012 Presidential election. What we all need to keep in mind is that the election is a marathon and not a sprint, there is still plenty of campaigning left to do.

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