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Most Common Problems with a Furnace

Once the winter season begins and temperatures start to decrease, you will notice that people tune up home furnaces again. It is not luxury that your heating system is working efficiently but it is a basic requirement.  If heating system is unable to keep your home warm, one and all suffer. In order to keep your home warm and cozy in chilly winters without any interruption, you need to keep an eye out for some common problems with furnace.

Dirty or blocked filters

Regular and heavy usage can make the filters or coils dirty. Blocked filter may restrict the air flow. If you notice that your one room is less warm than others, you probably have dirty filters in your furnace. This can damage your furnace and results in comfort issues. If you come across with this problem, contact to an expert to repair or replace filters.

Mechanical deterioration

A furnace consists of several mechanical elements that support operations of the furnace. Deterioration on any of these elements can affect the performance of furnace. Often times, it can cause overheating, poor heating control, and lots more issues. To avoid erosion issues in mechanical heating parts, regular maintenance is vital.

Pilot or Ignition Control issues

Ignition control is one of the most important parts of a furnace. If it is out of order, you may experience irregular or poor heat. If your heating system stops working suddenly or shut off at random, it is likely due to malfunctioning pilot or ignition control. Do not even think to fix this problem by you own. It can be highly dangerous to deal with broken pilot light or ignition control. So, call a professional immediately, whenever you notice this issue.

Thermostat break-down

Thermostat is a device that organizes the production of heat and manages its flow. If this device stops working, it can result in no heat. Moreover, it can force the fan to produce hot air. It is a very common problem associated with furnace repairs and can be cured without spending much money.

Drafts and Insulation issues

Poor padding, spongy windows and doors can lead various heating issues. Regular HVAC systems maintenance is the only way to avoid such comfort issues in chilly winter.

Heating system or furnace is a fundamental thing you need to make your house more comfortable, warm and welcoming to live in winter. To sustain its performance and life, regular maintenance is imperative. This way, you can avoid unexpected breakdowns and avoid unnecessary expenses

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