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Need A New Trade Show Exhibit? Consider Air Powered Displays

When you’re in the market for a trade show exhibit, you know that there are a lot of options available. From large freestanding models, to banner stands, to table top exhibits, the choices can be endless. However there’s a new option that’s designed to make exhibitors’ lives even easier than ever before. Learn about air powered displays and just what makes them a popular option for exhibitors.

Air Powered Displays Are Lightweight And Portable

If you’re looking for a booth that’s really lightweight, you can’t beat one that uses air. Because these exhibits are so lightweight, it’s possible for your employees to easily carry them from one space to the other. A 10-foot backwall exhibit can even fit into a airline approved carry-on case, so your company could save money on checked baggage and overweight baggage fees when you’re traveling with your display.

Air Powered Displays Are Easy To Install

One of the biggest benefits of these displays is that they’re quite easy to use. If you’ve ever installed a traditional trade show display, you know that you’ll need a toolbox and some time. On the other hand, an exhibit that’s powered by an air pump can take no time at all to set up. It’s possible to have them installed in less than 10 minutes, depending on the style.

To begin the installation process, first remove the exhibit from its case. The frame and the graphics are already together so you don’t need to worry about putting the graphic panels in the right spot on the exhibit. Just unroll it on the floor and then attach the special hose to the inflator pump. Plug the pump into a wall outlet and then push a button to start inflation. Exhibitors who routinely work outside or in a venue without a lot of electrical outlets should look for an inflator that can be accessed with a battery pack.

Also look for an inflator that will shut off on its own so you don’t need to worry about over inflating the display — although these exhibits are sturdy, over-inflation is a possibility. After the display is fully installed, you can then install any extras like graphic overlays, feet or lighting.

Air Powered Displays Can Save You Money

When you have a large trade show exhibit, it’s often necessary to pay for someone to install and dismantle it, and these I&D costs can be hefty! However when you use air powered displays, the installation process is as easy as pushing a button so you can save this money for other parts of your marketing budget. Additionally, because these booths are small when not in use, it’s possible to store them in a small closet instead of paying for off-site storage every month. These fees can add up and this new style of exhibits can help you eliminate them entirely.

If your company needs a new trade show display, consider one of the newest innovations — air powered displays. You might be surprised at how convenient these exhibits can be.

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