Are you hunting for HVAC contractors? Do you want to make sure the HVAC professional does a good job in your home? If yes, the kind of HVAC certification he/she owns matters. There are several different types of licensing and certifications for HVAC professionals. These licenses and certifications help them make informed decisions about the job. As a homeowner, you are bound to hire a technician who works on cooling, heating and ventilation systems. There is so much danger involved in the job. A lot of things can go absolutely wrong. This is why you should look for licensed and certified HVAC technicians.

#1 HVAC Licensing

HVAC licensing information will give you proof that the technician is trained professionally. Licensing requirements differ from one state to another. That is why you should be aware of what the state’s licensing department wants. Luckily, there are plenty of websites to help you figure out state needs. Even local government websites will assist you in understanding HVAC licensing details better.

#2 NATE Certification

Another important licensure for HVAC companies would be the NATE certification. This is the “North American Technician Excellence” certificate. It is a respected certificate for refrigeration and HVAC technicians. The certificate is nationally recognized. You are not expected to become a technician with this certification. However, the certificate validates the person’s knowledge and skill. Technicians can earn this certificate in one or more specialty areas. This includes air distribution, gas furnaces and air conditioning.

#3 HVAC Excellence Certification

Next in line would be HVAC Excellence certification. This is a prominent certificate identified and recognized by the industry. HVAC Excellence certification includes the master specialist level and the professional level. To receive the professional-level certificate, you must have at least 2 years of experience. Likewise, you should pass the comprehensive exam. Contractors who excel in this examination will receive a wall certificate, HVAC excellence patch and a chevron in a specific certification area. For this certification, you should have at least three years of experience.

#4 EPA 608

Another certification is EPA 608. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) expects all people to access a containers or systems with refrigerants to have the EPA 608 certification. This certification breaks in several levels. The first level lets technicians handle only 5 pounds of refrigerant. This covers air conditioning units and window units. With time, furnace repair technicians arlington can certify themselves to handle high pressure refrigerants.

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