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People try and go for something really authentic when it comes to art – literally any form of art. Traditional always wins against the transitional at least when we are talking about art. Rugs also symbolize art and tribal rugs are some of the best when it comes to rugs.

What Basically Is A Tribal Rug?

It’s super easy to recognize a tribal rug. A tribal rug is basically a rug that is prepared by nomadic or semi-nomadic weavers. These artists try to imbibe their cultural values into their art. They basically try to reflect things that are simply exclusive to their culture in their handcraft. These people might not know a thing about the existence of various cultures of the world but they are maestros of what surrounds them such as their customs and traditions which are the very gist of their art. Just because such unique people are at the helm of tribal rugs, these rugs are more valued among people inclined towards living a bohemian life.

How To Tell A Tribal Rug From An Ordinary Rug?

It is not very difficult to identify a tribal rug as it is one of a kind and looks a lot different from an oriental rug. Tribal rugs are unique in a variety of ways, they are exquisitely beautiful and usually embody a bohemian texture. Their texture and designs speak volumes about their explicit existence. Anyone with a minimal knowledge about the carpets and rugs and stuff like that can differentiate between a tribal and non-tribal rug.

Tribal rugs are piled rugs and they are seemingly different from flatweaves. To be precise, there are two ways a rug can be piled; high-pile or low-pile, and tribal rugs are made using both these techniques. Tribal rugs are very a-similar to regular rugs so they can be easily told from the rest and you won’t have to toil hard for it.

History Of Tribal Rugs As In When And Where They Originated

Tribal rugs used to be called tribal rugs because they were made by nomads; nomads are people who travel from place to place and never settle anywhere. These people have a unique way of living and hence their craft is also no less than rare and quirky. They come up with idiosyncratic designs and textures that people in the west go crazy for. There is a sea of people going gaga for their artwork.

The term tribal rugs comes from the 18th and 19th century when nomads were not specifically liked by most kings as the kings did not like keeping such felonious people in their domain. The nomads also did not care about borders and territories, they moved from one place to another and never felt obligated towards the land they were born to. These nomads used to rely on rug-making for survival and that’s when the trend of tribal rugs initiated.

Mostly nomads and semi-nomads of central Asia dedicated themselves to rug-making. That is perhaps the reason you see western enthusiasts importing rugs mostly from parts of Asia like China, Iran (Persia), Afghanistan. Central Asian and some South Asian countries even in this day and age give their economy a boost by selling all sorts of rugs to the western world. Other than Asia, Morocco is also a huge exporter of rugs. Moroccan tribal rugs are all the rage.

Texture Of A Tribal Rug

The texture of a tribal rug is what sets it apart from the rest of the rugs. It is the most visible feature that helps you tell a tribal rug from a non-tribal or a regular rug. These rugs are molded in such a unique way that they can be easily noticed. Some of the tribal rugs are really shaggy and long-haired, some are short-haired but still fleecy enough to be called a bohemian or a tribal rug. There is no generalization but most of the tribal rugs are still a bit disarranged and disheveled.

Materials Used To Bring A Tribal Rug Into Existence

Mostly wool is used to bring these tribal rugs into shape. There is some history to it. The nomads used to be shepherds and having a flock of sheep was considered a passport with a travel-free visa around the world. Hence, they could easily access wool and make woolen rugs out of it. There could or could not be any exceptions but wool should be the first priority for people willing to buy a tribal rug.


Tribal rugs have a lot of variety to offer, you would be entertained skimming through a host of traditional rugs Northern VA at the market.

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