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How to choose hair shades?

Gray hairs, dull hairs, dry hairs. These are a few very common hair problems which almost every woman faces with the increase in her age. To get rid of such hair issues many of us opt to go for hair coloring. As it is one of the best ways to hide the gray hairs and provide them with softness and shine. Many of the girls also have a complaint with the natural shade of their hair, so if you are one of those girls who wish to change the natural shade of your hairs. Then you should really try coloring your hairs. But be cautious while choosing the hair color, as it is one of the toughest tasks to choose hair color which goes perfectly with your complexion, to look gorgeous all the time choose hair color according to your skin tone. Here is a short guide hope this may help you to choose hair color best suited to your skin.

Find which hair dye hue goes best with your skin

The hair color you wear should compliment your skin tone and make you look beautiful. To choose hair colors which complement your skin tone follow these simple steps.


  1. Consider your skin tone: if you have pink undertones, then you should go for the cooler colors, but if you have yellow undertones, then you should totally go for the warmer color. And always choose a hair color pack which one or two shades lighter than your original shade, as this provides you with a natural and beautiful finish.
  2. Learn about warm and cool shades: Once you get to know your skin tone, try to know about the warm and cool hair shade. The best way to know is consult a professional hair stylist.
  3. Maintenance: After selecting the hair color which compliments your skin tone, it is important you provide your hairs with proper care and maintenance. It is better if you choose a hair salon, for the maintenance purpose. It is not possible to take care of hairs and color it in every three to four weeks all by yourself.

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