Mermaid blue strands, though, sound like a fairytale but are the hardest to maintain. So, if you’re ready to take on this adventurous journey and looking to get it from hair salons specializing in color, here are a few things that you must know.

First things first, there are multiple drastic mishaps that can happen. So, be prepared and enjoy the process.

It’s A Long Process

Already bring some snacks with you. Getting blue hair isn’t something about walking in and out of the salon. It’ll take long, long hours. The steps that are involved in the process are:

  • Washing
  • Bleaching
  • Drying
  • Coloring
  • Drying again
  • Styling
  • And most probably cutting

Also, if you’re doing it for the first time, do not even think of doing it on your own. It’ll leave you exhausted, helpless, and failed. In other words, the process is like slipping sand from your palm, and a beginner can’t handle it. It is better to take the assistance of a professional.

Blue Doesn’t Leave That Easily

If you’re still not sure about getting a blue hair color, don’t do it then. It needs commitment and hard work to stick to your color. Also, you need to love it in order to maintain it. So all in all, be sure before going for this change.

And let me tell you the consequences if you later change your mind. First, you cannot switch back to your normal hair color that easily. For instance, if you had brown, black, or brunette first, getting them back is not a tale of some days or months. Blue takes at least a year to go.

A Different Shade Of Blue For Every Head

You need to make up your mind that blue isn’t going to look the same as it did on your friend’s hair. Your blue hair will have a difference of at least a shade dark or light if minimum. Also, to achieve a true blue shade, your hair must be white blonde. And if you have shades of yellow, the blue color will mix with those shades, leaving a green hue. You’re going to love that turquoise shade, though, but for blue, you need white-blonde hair.

Furthermore, blue for a white blonde will fade away in a series of charming hues. First, it goes from blue to baby blue, and then sky blue. While in the case of yellow blonde, the blue will fade to green. So, you need to top it up a lot.

Bleach Will Damage Your Hair

If you’re not already blonde, coloring your hair is an absolute risk. Professional hairstylists suggest not to color your hair if they’re not healthy. It is because bleaching will cause extreme damage to your hair. It’ll dry out all the natural moisture in your hair and will deprive it of all the natural oils. Resultantly, your hair will become frizzy, dry, and damaged.

This happened to me when I colored my hair for the first time. And believe me, the traces of damage are still there. I can’t wear my hair down till today. Therefore, prepare your hair first if you’re going for this change.

The Dripping Dye

Like henna or red color dripping from your wet hair, the blue dye gets everywhere when your hair is wet. I remember once I tried DIYing the blue color and then ended up scrubbing the bathtub and shower. Also, I had to sleep with a shirt on my head, so the hair color won’t ruin the sheets.

And that is why you need to dry your blue hair immediately after washing them. A blow-dry will do best. It’ll make your hair go smooth and wash out the frizz of bleaching too.

Alternatively, go to a professional for coloring or a top-up every time. They better know their job. And a professional will also make sure you don’t end up with smurf-tinted ears.


You can still maintain your blue hair color healthily. To wear down the effects of bleach, professionals suggest using deep conditioners and hair masks twice a week. And to maintain the hair color, the sulfur-free shampoo will do an excellent job. Also, after every two months, get your hair trimmed to prevent damage from the split-ends. If you got blue hair highlights, go to a balayage hair salon Rockville for maintaining your hair.

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