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Does a different sunglass go with different face shape?

Everybody wants to look trendy and attractive and to do so they carry their own style. And now one of the most eye catchy features which make you look stylish is trendy sunglasses. Yes sunglasses enhance your look and they are in trend too. Cat eye, aviator, Oversized, rounded, butterfly, square, thick shape frames etc, kind of beautiful sunglasses is available in the market. Now the question has come in, mind is that which type of sunglass will suit your face, so you came to the right place. Here is the perfect answer for your question.

Best tips to wear sunglasses according to your face cut:

1) Classic aviator sunglasses look good on every face, but they go best with U-shape face. There are large lenses block the sunrays from every angle and look so stylish. They go perfectly with any outfit and give you an adorable public appearance.

2) Cat eye is another stylish sunglass style which is in trend too. Those who are having thin chicks they look good in cat eye frames.

3) Now talking about the most used kind of sunglasses that are oversized sunglasses, oversized sunglasses are now a days inn they go with each and every face shape. These types of glairs provide volume to the face, which grab the attention. This trendy sunglass gives you an impeccable look.

4) Rounded frame sunglasses come with round shape frames and lenses. These beautiful sunglasses look good in thin frame and look good for people having U-shape face cut.

5) Sunglasses with thick frames are so popular among youngsters. As youngster want everything which look funky and thick frame sunglasses fulfills all the requirements of them. These thick frame trendy sunglasses come with different neon and bright colors which grab the attention of youngsters.

6) Square shape sunglasses go with the person having fluffy face. Square shape sunglasses come with thin and thick both frames. Normally these sunglasses look good on men, but they go with women having small hairs.

You can rock and flaunt your style by wearing beautiful sunglasses which goes with your face shapes. And this is the right time to become more stylish by trying some new and amazing kind of sunglasses which goes with your personality and enhance your appearance also. Choose Stylish sunglasses of different shape and color, amaze with your friends with it. So what you are waiting to  go outside and have sunglasses of your own choice.

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