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How to have beautiful long hairs? Is hair extensions the answer?

Do you want long and gorgeous hair that people stop, look and think of? Many people trance of having elongated swishy hair, but do not know the ways to get it. Most of us do not even realize that what we eat can affect our body in what ways and what it causes to our hair. Using good quality hair product also leads to less breakage of hair and help them to grow longer. But if you wish to have flawless, long and strong hair, then you must read on. Here are a few tips which will help you have thick hair and hence helping your hairs to grow longer and stronger.

Ways to have long hairs

  1. Trim them often: Snip of a half inch of your hair every month. The regular trimming of your hair, makes your hair healthy and hence help them to grow at a faster rate.
  2. Way of washing hair: To have healthy and long hair, wash your hair with cold water as warm water can cause damage to your hair, leading to breakage and split end
  3. Regular oiling: Put oil to your hairs, at least once in a week. Oil provides nourishment to your hair. Making them healthy and hence help them to grow at a considerable rate.
  4. Dry your hairs: After washing your hairs, dry them gently. Do not rub your hairs with a towel harshly. Harsh rubbing of your hairs with a towel can cause serious damage to your hairs and prevent them from growing at a fast rate.
  5. Method of cutting: Even the method of cutting your hair also plays a very important role. You can trick people that you have long hair just by obtaining the tricky haircuts like the “Long layers in the front” provide the illusion of length to the viewers. And hence makes your hairs look longer than actually they are.
  6. Topknots: if you really wish to have long beautiful hairs, then you must avid tying your hairs in topknots.
  7. Heat protection spray: Many women like to style hairs, even in daily routine life. The regular style of hair with heating iron cause serious damage to the hair and impede them from growing. To prevent your hairs from the bad heating effect of styling iron, you should use the heat protecting spray. The spray protects your hairs from ill effects of styling machine hand, thus let your hairs grow at a faster rate. You may need to go to your local hair salon.

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