Going through a divorce is a stressful situation. You are depressed, angry and sad and you want people to sympathize with you and listen to you. In that case if you have issues with your divorce attorney then sadness will encompass you.

The reasonable solution if you are unhappy with your divorce lawyer is to change your lawyer. But is it really that simple?

Before going on towards the process of switching your divorce attorney, let’s look at the reasons why you are unhappy with your existing family lawyer.

Irresponsible Behavior

This is the top reason why clients are unhappy with their lawyers. Your lawyer doesn’t call you back, does not attend your calls or reply to your emails. Does not follow up on your case. Or the lawyer tends to misplace your documents and paperwork. The lawyer is taking too much time in giving you a response. He/she has a non-caring attitude and does not seem to be interested in your case or does not take your case seriously. All these points come under a very irresponsible behavior by your lawyer.

These things can frustrate any person in their sane mind and you are already going through a lot of problems. You are worried about how to start again without your ex, how to gain independence, how to deal with kids, how to face family and friends and how to say goodbye to your past along with how to get child custody and child support. This all gets you completely overwhelmed now that even your attorney is irresponsible.

Your Attorney Does Not Listen To You

The need and demand of family law lawyers have increased in recent times due to the overwhelming rise in divorce cases.

There are separate lawyers to handle divorce cases because of the intensity and emotional aura of the scenario. During this crucial period, you need someone other than a friend or family member to listen to everything that you have faced and gone through. You want to pour your heart out to someone who will not blame you or judge you. You do not need suggestions during this time. All you want is an ear who would just listen to you till you are finished. That person is your attorney because he/she is dealing with your case and you want him to know every single detail. Also, you are paying the attorney to listen to you and attend to every detail of your case.

Big Promises, Unsatisfactory Outcomes

Your divorce lawyer talked very big initially when he wanted to take the case and now, he/she does not follow up. There has been no follow up, no divorce paperwork done, no details about alimony and asset division, no details about custody of the children. In fact, he has not even done one thing that he promised.

Switching A Divorce Lawyer

Switching a lawyer can get complicated depending on which stage you are in your case. For instance, if you are at a stage where the court hearing is near, then it is not possible to switch your attorney. The new attorney will need time to study and understand the case.

In any case when you want to switch your divorce lawyer, you will need to pay him for all the work and time that he has spent working on your case. In case you do not pay, the lawyer can keep your documents and not hand them over. This is also known as “lien”. The new lawyer would also need the documents. Once you have paid and still the previous lawyer does not give back the documents then you can sue them by the law.

Switching a lawyer is not difficult but you just need to see how far are you in the divorce stage. In initial stages, it is much easier to switch and get started with the new lawyer.

However, it is advised that before rushing the matters, you should first discuss your concerns with the lawyer and see if there is room for improvement.

By law, you can switch your divorce lawyer by all means just because you are unhappy. If you are switching family attorney, make sure to research beforehand and only choose the best divorce lawyer Fairfax VA for fighting your divorce case.

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