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The hair-do meant for you!

Women with round faces want to disguise the roundness of their face, rather than emphasizing it. And to do so, it is very important to choose a hairstyle which helps you in the purpose. It is really a hard task to choose a hairstyle which is helpful in hiding the roundness of the face and make you look fashionable at the same time. But to make your work easy, here are a few hairstyles for round face that will make you look pretty no less than a Hollywood celebrity along with camouflaging the roundness of your face. Just have a look!

Hairstyle best for round faces

  1. Waves: The gentle wave sidetracks the roundness of face. So if you have natural wavy hair. Let them do their work for you. You can compliment your beauty by side parting your wavy bangs and collecting them all and side-swept them on your right shoulder.
  2. Long hair: If you are gifted with beautiful long hair. Then, use them to add up to your beauty. Straight your hair with straitening iron, middle part and Bam! You are all done. Remember do not tuck your hair behind the ears as the tucking will enhance your round face. Setting them free above the ears will provide you with the look you desire.
  3. The bangs: No matter you have short or long hair, the side bangs are perfect for round faces. The side bangs provide you with a cute and lively appearance. So get the Emma stone like cute look with the side bangs.
  4. The Bob: If you love short hairs, then you can surely go for the bob hairstyle. To your luck the Bob hairstyle is back in trend so you don’t have to think before getting this hairstyle. You can also add side bangs to your bob hairstyle to get a cute look.
  5. Up dos: Women with round face can go for the classic up dos for any sort of special event or occasion. The classic up do will not disappoint you at all instead will provide you with an elegant appearance. As the classic up do creates the illusion that the round face has a bit elongated face.

These are the top 5 most trending hairstyle for round face. Give these hairstyles a try and enjoy the attention and praise you will get from your friend and acquaintances. Hope this article helps you!


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