Filing for a divorce is never easy, but you can’t just sit there and decide to file for a divorce. If you want the process to go smoothly, consult a family attorney and keep the below things in mind.

Don’t Say It Out Loud

If you are considering a divorce and you know your spouse won’t be too keen on the idea of divorcing you, then it’s better to keep this information to yourself until you get a legal team by your side and get a divorce complaint ready to go.

You don’t want to go and say it out loud to your spouse or any other close family member because it will affect your case and if your spouse gets the hint of a divorce, they may start to separate their finances from you and you will be left with nothing in the end.

Get Your Documents Ready

Now is the right time to get all of your documents in place and ready to go. A divorce proceeding can be quite cumbersome and it can take a toll on your mental well-being, so it’s better to be as organized as you can be with your documents. Having all of them in a folder is a good idea. You don’t want to lose any sort of document, especially if it’s related to your divorce or it helps with your case.

Tell Your Spouse

Once you have the divorce complaint filed, you can tell your spouse about the divorce and why you want to go your separate ways with them. This conversation can go smoothly or it can take a turn for the worse. It all depends on how your spouse reacts to this news.

If you know that both you and your spouse are on the same page about being separated, then it should be an easy conversation. But if your spouse is not willing to let you go, due to whatever reason, then you might need to get your legal teams involved and seek their advice as to how to break the news to your spouse in this regard.

Get The Kids Involved

Your children have a right to know about what’s going on in your and your spouse’s life. If they are old enough to understand, then you should definitely get them involved and see what they have to say about it. Ask them where they would prefer to stay after the divorce and it’s better not to put any sort of pressure on them and let them decide.

After that, the court can decide on the basis of financial and psychological grounds as to which person should get custody of the children.

Being Financially Stable

If you are deciding to divorce your spouse, then you must be prepared to be financially stable and independent for at least a good couple of months. A divorce proceeding can drain your money like water so it’s best to have a good chunk of saving for yourself and your kids, of you have them because you will not be able to work or provide financially during the divorce proceedings as it can be too much to handle for some people. So make sure that you are on a stable financial ground and can support yourself for a couple of months without working.

Have A Refuge Plan For Uncertain Circumstances

If your reason for divorce is abuse or any sort of violence from your spouse, then you will need some sort of refuge from your abusive spouse while you file a complaint for divorce. You will also need to plan this ahead of time. You need a safe place for you and the kids to stay until the divorce is finalized and you know you are safe from the hands of abuse from your spouse. This is an important and top priority thing to consider.


There you have it! These things are important to do before you even file a divorce complaint. This is going to help you through the process and it will be an easy process to go through. After making up your mind, don’t delay your appointment with a divorce attorney Fairfax VA to discuss your case.

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