Brick Retaining Wall Design

A house in the hillside with retaining walls amidst nature looks like a dream many times. The house on the slope with nature and greenery surrounding the same is what many people is opting for as their second or third houses meant for vacations or post retirement outlets. The houses on the slope may have soil slopes surrounding the area and should be covered to give the area a complete look and shape.

The concrete retaining walls Long Island offer a lateral support by retaining the soil that may collapse to form into a natural shape in the slopes of soil that are arranged vertically. The soil that is retained is also known as backfill. The concrete retaining walls Long Island are usually made with different kinds of materials using different building techniques. These walls are constructed in a bottom up manner where there is a stable back slope constructed before the wall. There are four different kinds of retaining walls that are usually constructed. These are Cantilever Retaining Walls, counterfort retaining Walls, Gravity Poured Retaining Walls and Semi-Gravity Strong Retaining Walls.

While designing a retaining wall, it is important to keep factors such as cost, ease of construction, the speed of construction, estimated and required wall height and understanding of the ground water conditions and characteristics of the soil in mind. Other associated factors such as skillsets of the labour, the availability of materials for constructing the wall, the building codes, and many such other factors should also be considered. The wall design should be approved by a licensed as well as qualified engineer who has a clear knowledge about the work. The ultimate aim of creating a concrete retaining wall is to help in holding back the soil’s vertical face that may slump, or cave to form a slope.

Retaining Wall Materials

In many places, wood retaining wall is used. This type of wall helps in giving a shape to the already sloped yard and offering an identity to the vast garden area. If you are planning to build a wood retaining wall, take the first step by making a proper plan for building it. Determine the height of a wall that is inclusive of all the sides. This will help in calculating the amount of wood that would be required. The next step should be about removing the soil from the area of construction. The soil can later on be used for creating beautiful flower beds around the wall. You might need professional help in constructing the wall if it is beyond four feet tall. When the process of evacuating starts, putting a guide string will help in following the correct path easily. After the evacuation process is completed, the foundation of a wall can be installed. The foundation should be at an equal level everywhere. The following process will be to install the remaining woods of a wall.

It is important to create concrete retaining walls to give support to the natural slope of soil. One can build wood retaining walls if stone walls cannot be managed. lagrass

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