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Installing cooling system is a prime need for people who live in hot and humid climate. With the introduction of vent free cooling systems it is now easier to go shift from one room to another as most of the vent free cooling systems are portable. Such a cooling solution is not only portable, but also brings an answer to the economic question.

Details of a vent free cooling system

Generally a standing air cooling system has a corrugated and big exhaust vent beneath them, which is connected to an outer unit placed on the outside wall of a house. This allows the by-product of the cooling that is heat, to be vented outside the house. But now there’s an easy solution to this problematic set up.

• The modern portable air conditioners are vent free as these cooling systems do not cool the room using the normal refrigeration process.
• These vent free cooling systems uses the simple evaporation system of water to cool the room. The cool air passes through a wet porous membrane and is driven out of the membrane through a simple fan in the room.
• Just like a breeze cools our skin when we sweat, a cooling system also cools the room in the same way. Just like the sweat is evaporated by the breeze similarly, the cooling system evaporates the water and passes the air through the cooling membrane which is spread out in the room through a fan.
• The only disadvantage of vent free cooling systems is that they suit only a dry climate. Vent free cooling system installation is not a tough job like a vented cooling system installation.


Vent free cooling system consumes very little electricity. The only power used by this device is for the functioning of the fan and the timer. This attribute makes these cooling systems as cheap as a fan. The best part about these cooling systems is that they don’t need an exhaust vent and are light weight. Such a low weight enables it to be carried from one room to another.

Installation of a vent free cooling system

Permanent installation is not needed in a vent free cooling system. As these cooling systems are also portable so, the family of a house can carry it from one room to another. However, heating system replacement Virginia experts can be consulted for choosing the right cooling system according to the room size and perfect placement of the system. Seeking guidance from a professional right from the very beginning will lower the chances of damage and replacement. Some people may misguide you by saying that a vent free cooling system works in the normal refrigerator process and a venting is required. This is absolutely incorrect as no venting is required for a vent free cooling system installation. As far as buying a vent free cooling system is considered, there are many online cooling system selling websites. Agencies like the cooling system replacement Virginia also sell cooling system and will be helpful in this regard.

A vent free cooling system is both economically and practically more helpful than a vented cooling system. Vent free cooling system installation is also an equally easy job and can be done without professional help if one is well acquainted with the procedure. However, the cooling system replacement Virginia is there to guide one from buying a cooling system till installing it.

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