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Do you have trouble sleeping?

Sleep disorders are quite common nowadays among most of the people in some part or the other in their life and it is not a matter of big concern if it is a passing phase as it is in many cases. But when it becomes chronic and lingers for long then it is something to be worried about requiring serious medical help and treatment.

Meaning and definition

The disorder is known as Somnipathy in medical parlance and is characterized by abnormalities related to sleep and associated unnatural activities and outcomes. The disorder may be attributed by medical and also psychological factors. In any case the main thing is that the sufferer cannot sleep like any normal people. It is considered a very serious type of sickness because it brings along with it a number of other problems sooner or later. The reason is that our body requires a certain span of sleep of 6-8 hours a day (as it requires food and water) in order to function properly and to keep it healthy and sound. And whenever there is considerable deficiency in that amount for a prolonged period of time the body fails in its functions and as a result it becomes sick in multiple ways.

Classification of Sleep disorders

Sleep disorder is not only absence of sleep as is wrongly thought of by some people. Rather, there can be many kinds in addition to absence of sleep which is known as insomnia and it being the most dominant sleep disorder. Among other important types sleep terror is one in which the patient wakes up in the middle of sleep experiencing frightening feelings of terror and feels very nervous and afraid which is also demonstrated through his body language. This is the oldest of all known sleep disorders. Another noteworthy sleep disorder is hypersomnia in which the patient sleeps for abnormally long hours than what is expected of a normal human being.

Sleep disorder among children

There is another type of sleep disorder called Nocturnal enuresis commonly known as sleep wetting in which the patient urinates involuntarily during sleeping even at an age when it is not normally expected of him or her. It is most common in children and hence considered a sleep disorders in kids. It has however no connection with psychological health or condition of the patient.

Where to get the best treatment

As it is well understood that sleep disorders are not a problem of small kind, it requires expert treatment to be successfully cured. Sleep disorders treatment MD is the best place for the treatment of sleep disorder in kids as well as in adults. Sleep disorders treatment MD is equipped with modern medical instruments and highly qualified doctors along with amiable service.

The author is a reputed physician in sleep disorders treatment, and is an expert in dealing sleep disorder in kids. He has been practicing for nearly fifteen years and has many admirers who are cured and benefited by his treatment. His articles and writings are often published in eminent medical journals and magazines.

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