Handmade Persian rug is generally more expensive than other rugs; therefore it is always advised to search for the wholesale Persian rugs store from where you can get some discounts on these amazing rugs. These rugs are manufactured with the use of natural materials as well as natural dyes. The unique work of art of these rugs is the symbol of peace and integrity. Lot of hard work and time is needed to create a small piece of the rug. The colors and designs portray the old tradition of wisdom. In short, these rugs are well-known due to their quality of design, different variety of patterns, and range of richness of colors.

Protect Persian rugs

Sometimes rugs have some damages and these damages can spoil the complete beauty of these rugs. So you need to follow some tips for the rug maintenance. No doubt these rugs add the beauty to any room so protecting the rug is very essential. Here are some steps to take care your Persian rug.


  • Firstly, try to keep away your rug from the direct sunlight as sunlight can damage the rug and make it faded or discolored.
  • Rotate your rug on timely manner. In case, you keep your rug in sunlight then keep on rotating it once in a month so that the color of your rug will be uniform. In contrast, you can rotate your rug four times in a year.
  • Generally the furniture that is placed on rug can make a pathway on the rug so change the position of the furniture so that walkways can also be changed.
  • Regular vacuum cleaning is essential. Natural fibers can become packed down so it is advised to keep vacuuming on timely manner.
  • Try to clean the spills as soon as possible. For cleaning the spills, firstly absorb the spills with the help of paper towel so that spills will not spread long. Never use soap and bleach for cleaning these expensive rugs. Use only water to clean the spills.

Where to buy persian rugs?

Having these rugs at home can be said as a matter of honor as these rugs are called as antique piece and have the ability to make any room charming and elegant. To buy these rugs, you need to visit best persian rugs store va of your area where you will get range of choices so that you can opt your desired one.


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