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Buy antique rugs which are at least 80 years old. Antique rugs are the form of art and hence it has to be old to be considered antique. But then, the rug must not look as if it was used. An antique rug warms up the room and adds unique style and character. Different styles of antique rugs have different sizes, motifs and origins. You may pick up the rug runner as the subtle and attractive addition to the hallway or buy the area rug to fill up a large sized room. The quality of the rug you choose will be determined by the knots per inch square. If you buy the high quality rug, it will have 300 knots or even more per inch square. Antique rug is a great investment which may be used to decorate the floor or the walls. Hang it onto the walls to admire the artwork or to avoid the damage from footfall.

The purpose of the rug!

An antique rug may cover the floor, add colors and make the space of the home appear too distinctive. The hand knotted weave of the rug makes it incredibly durable. Produced around 500 BC, the flat weaving technique gave a superb boost to the production. People who have some aesthetic sense buy the rugs from Safavid period.

The kinds of rugs!

Consider investing on the antique Persian rug which would prove an outstanding investment. Meant for the wealthy and aristocratic class, the Persian rug appears elegant and elite. With the Industrial Revolution and the boom in the production, the Persian antique rug became pretty common. It is accessible even to the middle class people. In the Persian rug there is the main border followed by the guard border and the oval or round shaped design element which is set on the background of the rug. You will find the corner brackets and the fringes done beautifully. If there is the portrait of lily, it symbolizes chastity and spirituality, and similarly lotus symbolizes immortality. Hence, buy antique rugs online to add a story to your home. There is also Indian antique rug which has a great detailing.

The motifs upon the antique rugs

Upon the antique rugs, you will find the motifs like paisley, gul, floral design and rosettes. Most of the rugs are made up of 95% sheep wool. To improve the value of the rug, silk is added to it.

Find a reliable antique rug store in Virginia and purchase the pure silk antique rug. You are sure to make a great investment and get exact value for the money spent.

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