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Hire a professional tree stump removal contractor to get the stump removed because this job is too complex to manage by your own. There are several techniques to remove tree stumps. But when using hand, the right set of tools matter significantly. Using wrong tools will make it simply impossible to let the stump removed from the ground. You need to dig deep around the stump with a proper spade (nursery spades are ideal) along with the landscape bar or spud bar. This bar is used for cutting roots that will be encountered while you continue digging. Using the right methodology, tools, and techniques, you will never be offering too much pressure on your back, thus preventing any kind of injury.

How to start tree stump removal                                                   

The secret to effective removal process is starting out away from stump. Working too closely during the starting phase will result in encountering large and heavy roots. These roots can cause real destruction and may well be extremely difficult to deal with. Therefore, it is recommended to start out at the farther end and from there slowly approach towards the stump. You can dig a small sized trench around the stump. Start going around this trench and then start to dig more using the spud bar. This will help in cutting the roots. There will be roots that the space will find difficult to chop down. For those, it is necessary to use the spud bar. This will be followed by extensive amount of spade work, along with spud bar usage to cut the roots. Finally, you will find that the stump is slowly coming off the ground. You should never bend up or pry the tools. Prying them will result in ruining the tools.

Professional for tree stump removal is beneficial

Tree stump removal procedure can be slightly tricky and complex. It is always better to get the job done through professional help. They will always ensure that the job is carried out in the safest manner without causing any damage to the surroundings. There are many professional service agencies available for tree stump removal Potomac. However, different agencies will cost differently. The cost will depend most on the size of stump and tree. Take estimates from quite a few service providers before finalizing on one. There will be definitely quite a variety in the rates to observe. You can search online to look for service providers. However, you need to provide the best balance between expediency and efficiency while selecting the company.

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