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Orthopedic surgery is any kind of operation that involves repairing the human musculoskeletal system. You can find orthopedic surgeons in almost every hospital and country across the globe. This is a specialized and highly competitive field, and there are as many as 20,400 surgeons practicing in the U.S alone. In the last 30 years, the domain of orthopedic surgery has seen significant advances. There are plastics and many other new materials being used, along with fresh technology, which has seen orthopedic operations take giant leaps. Find out about some of the newest advances in this domain.


It is the surgical practice of using an endoscopic apparatus. The apparatus was a triumph in technology, as it comes with immense advantages. It was developed in the ‘60s and used only for knee operations. Recently, however, more uses of this tool have been discovered. Today, orthopedic surgeons can explore and then repair any section or joint of the human body without carrying out an invasive surgery such as disc replacement surgery or knee joint replacement or hip replacement surgery. Hip arthroscopy is quite common.

Knee and Joint Arthroplasty

Surgery has become highly advanced, and there has been significant improvement in arthroplasty too. At earlier times, knees and joints were substituted with steel ball and metal bearings that were tough to move and were harmful for health. With the plastic material polyethylene being introduced, joints can be maneuvered and replaced with smoother and more natural movements.

In the domain of bone replacement, there has also been development of new material. Orthopedic doctors now use de-mineralized bone matrix for replacing segmented and fractured bone. In a new patient, the bones are robust enough to be functional naturally. Hip joint injections might be needed.

Digital Imaging

In the last 30 years, the introduction of ultrasounds has changed everything. These are being differently used. Ultrasounds, in the domain of orthopedic surgery, have been used only recently to spot joint damage and identify areas that need repair. As compared to X-rays, ultrasounds are less hazardous or invasive. Today, digital x-rays are taken in the form of snapshots with an ultrasound device, which has lowered the risk of ailments from radioactive exposure.

A complete redesign in CAT and MRI scan usage are some other advances in the domain of medical imaging. These could be originally viewed in 1D or 2D. Now, a 3D interactive image can be scanned as well as copied. The method helps spot muscle tissue and ligament tears and spinal cord defects and hip joint injections mclean va. It also helps diagnose Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other degenerative joint and muscle disorders.

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