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Cursed with hair that does not grow past your shoulders; consider human hair extensions. There are times regardless of the biotin you ingest; the hair growth does not take place. Few others may have flat hair leading to breakage point. Adding more insult to this, we see on social sites flowing heads with gorgeous look hair pictures. At such times, hair extensions appear to be the only natural solution as they offer thicker, longer hair and provides quick change of hair color and highlights the worth, money and effort spent. However, before fixing an appointment with hair salons, know few important points.

Facts about hair extensions

  • Hair extensions add length and you can consider the volume. These extensions are ideal for limp or thinning hair.
  • Women having as little as 3 inches long hair can get hair extensions.
  • Extensions may be glued in, braided in, woven in or even clipped in for special events.
  • Adding color or highlights can range from mild to wild.
  • Simple painless process

What to look for

Buying hair extensions should be done with caution as a hairstyle may break or make your look. Consider these extensions are reputable names such as sally’s hair extensions, dreamcatchers extensions, hairdreams hair extensions, and so on. Look for 100% natural human hair, though it is expensive.

What to avoid

Hair extensions look bouncy and beautiful, but avoid extensions that are heavy than your hair. This is because if they are heavy, your hair will break off. Ensure, your hair can hold the extension pressure, before buying. You may consult some renowned hair salons or some celebrity hair stylist. You can also check with your regular beautician if you are planning to have it as your bridal hair style. Also match the color and texture of your hair and also check the ability to place pre-order.

More details

Brazilian Blowout offers an array of products and treatments at certified salons throughout South Africa. You can also check for a certified salon in your area and fix your treatment. Brazilian Keratin is specialized in hair straightening and this varies completely from Japanese way of hair straightening. Brazilian keratin straightening ensures extremely straight hair. This is the reason they are popular as hair straightening salons.

Many people believe hair relaxers and perms to be same, but they are not. Perms add waves or curl to hair and relaxers straight the waves existing in your hair. Both use chemicals and so even professional hairstylists avoid recommending such treatments, instead they recommend short haircut styles, if you hair is really becoming thin.

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