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The origin of the bridal shower started in ancient times when a girl wanted to marry a suitor of her choice or an unsuitable man. The parents, due to being angry, didn’t want to provide dowry, thus the people of the town and friends gathered for a celebration to shower the bride with all the necessary gifts for her wedding. Nowadays, a bridal shower has a completely different meaning. It is usually managed by the bridesmaid, maid of honor, friends, and family with the input from party rentals and caterers to surprise the bride, sing, dance, play games, talk and laugh, eat, and dress up. Nevertheless, the bride can also throw a bridal shower herself. This article will tell you how to plan the perfect bridal shower.

The Budget

Whoever is planning the bridal shower should set upon a budget and the rest of the planning will be done accordingly. Ask around who of the friends or family are willing to pitch in. If the bride herself is planning then how much of her money can she splurge on the bridal shower?

The Venue

Once the budget is set, the next step is to decide on a venue for the bridal shower. It can be any place; someone’s home, a backyard, a park, a club, a restaurant, a banquet hall, or even a beach. It will all depend on the budget. Book the venue for the tentative dates and pay the initial charges once the date is decided.

The Date

Usually, a bridal shower is held 2 to 4 months before the wedding but it can even be done a month or 15 days before. If the venue is someplace exotic or faraway then make sure to have ample time for the guests to make arrangements.

The Guest List

A bridal shower is mostly a ladies-only event. So, make sure to invite all the females who are near to the bride. Also, make sure not to invite any person who is not invited to the wedding so crosscheck the wedding guest list to make no mistakes. Inform the guests at least 2 months before the actual bridal shower.

The Theme

A theme is the life of any party nowadays. Set a theme, it can be any according to the bride’s wishes or likes or something naughty even. It should be something that is accessible for all the guests.

The Invitations

Once the date, venue, and theme are set, you can now work on the invitations according to the theme. You can go for a simple paper printout with a beautiful font or a lavish hardcover invitation. It all depends on your budget. Clearly state the venue address, the date, the theme, and what attire the guests should wear. Also, if the bride is expecting gifts then clearly write down the things needed by the bride so the guests bring that only.

The Food

The most important thing is the food. Decide on a decent menu. You can either go for finger food such as bite-sized sandwiches and burgers, nuggets, pastries, cupcakes, chicken pie shots, small crepes, dessert shots or go for a huge food spread with cheese, bread, dips, hummus, lasagne, meatloaf, and other stuff. It is a daytime event so do not make the food too heavy. For dessert use the colors of the theme. Also, a bridal shower cake is necessary and a custom-made drink for the main attraction.

The Decor

You can make party decorations with papers, crafts, and ribbons, or buy ready-made props, linens, and decoration stuff in the colors of the theme. You can also hire an event decorator for the purpose.


Plan games such as decorating your own cupcakes or a spa day where your guests can get any one of the stuff done such as manicure, massage, or a hairdo or you can even make scented candles or perfumes which the guests can take home as keepsakes.


You can give small giveaways to your guests at the end as a remembrance. These can include cookies or cupcakes, a jar of candy, a small keychain and bling hair clip, or anything you feel like.


Once you are done with your perfect bridal shower, don’t forget to send thank you notes to all of your guests for coming and showering you with gifts. On the management side, don’t risk the party and look for the venue and party and tent rentals Rockland NY weeks before the event.

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