DJ [Disc Jockey]

A DJ [disc jockey] records music for a particular audience. He or she should have a passion for music and also the knowledge of different kinds of music. He should be able to adjust to a different crowd of people by playing the kind of music they enjoy. If there is a mixed crowd, he should be able to mix the music in such a way that everyone is happy. He will have a mixing software package that will read any format of music and select the songs through a computer program interface. A good wedding DJ will be able to mix beats. That means there should not be any pause while moving from one song to another. There must be a continuous beat or rhythm maintained. Some DJs pre record music at home while others do the mixing live.

Live Band

A live band will consist of a few members who have their own musical equipment and can play for an audience. Great music is the key to a successful wedding reception and everyone enjoys watching a live band perform while they dance. Live bands add excitement. It’s like going to a concert. Choosing the right band will depend on the theme of your wedding, the venue, the crowd that you have invited, and so many other important factors.

Making the Choice

The way the music is delivered, affects the audience immensely. Music is the heart of a wedding reception and has to be chosen well. You need to invest in a talented band or a fleet fingered DJ. Top talent always gets booked in advance. The music you choose will set the theme of your wedding. This is the thing most people remember the most. You must have a variety of different songs, the fast and the slow, the old and the new, to entertain the young and the old.

DJs cost less. The cost does vary depending on whether your wedding is on a week day or on the weekend and depending on the kind of equipment your DJ is bringing along. A live band is more expensive. The cost depends again on the kind of equipment they bring along and the number of members in the band. The cost also depends on the day of the week and time of the year. There are times when live bands are in great demand, like around Christmas time. Hiring a live band around that time would be very expensive.

The best thing to do would be to plan your guest list first. Then decide what kind of music you would want to have and the theme of your wedding. If you have a limited budget, hiring a good DJ who will take care of the music and entertain your guests well. But if you can afford to spend a bit more, a live band will be so much more appreciated by your guests. They will have a more wholesome experience and go home with memories that will stay with them forever. Live bands are more able to adjust and adapt to a crowd. They play requests that come from people, they allow guests to take the stage and sing if they want to and they are definitely more fun. A good DJ can also do all this, but it’s very different with a live band.

Whatever you decide, depending on the budget and other factors, book in advance to avoid disappointment.

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