Dirty water is big no, so what to do if you want clean and safe water coming from your taps? The answer is easy, a water filter is the solution to all of your water related problems. But how do you know if you need a whole house water filtration? Well, keep on reading to find out.

The Taste Of The Water Is Foul

This is one big alarming sign that the water coming in your taps needs filtering and it cannot be taken as it is. You will notice a strange and weird taste in your water. Like it you are smelling dead fish or something out of a trash can. The water doesn’t need to be murky or dirty to have that smell. It might be the metals and other organisms which are causing the water to smell extremely putrid and you can’t even drink it without feeling like you’re gagging.

There Is Smell In The Water

Another sign that your water is in dire need of filtration is the smell. You need to smell your water and make sure that there is no weird smell in water. Pure and clean water has no taste or smell, so if your supply water has a weird smell in it, then it means that you are not getting clean water and you need to clean it yourself. This is a very important thing to look out for.

Water Is Not Clear

Another thing which is a straight sign that your supply water is not clean and you should use a water filter is the appearance of the water. You will feel like the water is murky and there will be specks of dirt, dust and the water color will be muddy too.

You can’t drink this water which is why you need to clean it and filter it before any use. Water filters will get rid of any dirt and particles in the water and the water will also be more clearer and the taste and smell will be gone too.

You Find Scales

Impure water has a lot of metals and salts in it, which is why unfiltered water can lead to deposition of scales and lime in your sink and even in the pipes from which the water is coming.

You need to look out for scale and lime deposits on your surfaces where you use this water, because you need to filter it, otherwise it can lead to choking of the pipes and clogging of your drains and that can be a huge problem to deal with. A filter will help to remove these hard salts and make the water soft and drinkable.

Residue On The Dishes And On Your Skin

Unfiltered water can have a lot of salts and metals which can leave residue on your sink, dishes and even on your skin. You will see small flakes of different colors on the dishes and your skin if you use this water to do the dishes and shower. This is not a good sign because these salts and particles can damage expensive dishes, especially dishes made from ceramic and china and these particles are not good for your skin either and you will see the aftermath of it all when you start to see red patches and infections on your skin because of this water.

Skin And Stomach Diseases

Unclean water can lead to a lot of gut issues and skin problems. If you drink the water straight from a tap and there is no filter to stop the metals and dirt from going into your body, then you can expect to experience a lot of stomach cramps and aches.

As far as your skin is concerned, you will see a lot of pigmentation and patches on your skin, especially if you shower with unfiltered water. You need to put a filter on it, because your skin and body cannot take much harsh water.


There you have it! Now that you know the tell-tale signs of your water being murky and full of metals, you can get a water filtration system Erie and get clean water on demand every time in any part of your house.

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