Quartz is a great countertop material, but it can only go so far, if you strike it hard enough with anything. Quartz kitchen countertops can chip from the side very easily. So, here is how you can fix chips from a quartz countertop.

Check The Warranty

If you got your quartz countertops professionally installed by a company, then you want to check the warranty of your stone. If the stone broke without you striking it, then you want to contact the company and have them check out the countertop

If the stone is under a warranty, then you should be able to get it fixed without a huge bill at the end. This is why it is very important, if you get your countertops installed, you should always get the warranty with it. This will save you from a lot of trouble in the future, if there are any uncertain situations like unwanted chips and shattered countertops. A warranty may sound expensive at first, but it will be worth the price in the end.

Fix The Chip At Home

If the chip is small and manageable, then you will be happy to know that you can fix it at home. Fixing minor chips at home is very easy. You will need the following supplies:

  • A cleaner to clean the chip first before treating it with anything
  • Masking tape or tape of any sort
  • Super glue
  • Epoxy adhesive with pigments
  • Sand paper
  • Wiping cloth, preferably clean and dry

Here’s How You Can Fix A Crack Or Chip At Home Using The Above Supplies

  1. First, you will closely examine the cracked surface. Check to see if it is present on a light-colored surface or is it on the darker surface.
  2. Once you examine the crack closely, take your cleaner. The cleaner should be ammonia based, because it will dissolve any fallen debris of quartz inside the cracks. You don’t want any debris or quartz inside the crack. You want it to be completely hollow, so that the filling procedure can run smoothly and that the epoxy adheres better to the hollow crack.
  3. The next thing you need to do, once you have cleaned the crack with the ammonia based cleaner, is to dry it with a paper towel. Make sure the crack is completely dry before you do anything else further.
  4. Once the crack is dried, you can go ahead and mark a safe zone around the crack using masking tape or any tape which is visible and thick in width. This will prevent any sort of adhesive marks on the quartz.
  5. You are protecting the rest of the quartz kitchentop material from the strong adhesive. If you, somehow, get adhesive on the quartz, it will be very hard to get rid of that stain, because it can stay on the countertop forever. The adhesive is very strong, and it cannot be removed easily. So, make sure that you seal off the area with masking tape otherwise you will be asking for trouble.
  6. The next thing you need to do, if the crack is on the lighter colored surface, is to seal the crack with super glue. Super glue is a great sealant for light colored surfaces. You don’t need any sort of non-colored adhesive. Fill up the super glue to the top of the crack, until you can see the glue oozing out the crack slightly.
  7. Then you will let the adhesive dry completely. The best option is that you leave it overnight or for two days. It will allow the adhesive to dry completely. For darker colored surfaces, you will do the same thing as you did with the super glue, but instead of super glue, you will use pigmented epoxy according to the color of your stone.
  8. The final step is to sand down the glue or adhesive with sandpaper until the surface is smooth.

Voila! You have now fixed a chip at home.

Final Word

There you have it! Now you know how you can fix a chip from a quartz countertop. Easy fix means longer lasting and beautiful looking countertops for days to come. Contacting a quartz countertop contractor Rockville can also yield similar or better results.

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