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Dental Bridges and Teeth Whitening Treatment

Everyone loves a glittering, white and healthy smile. That’s why many of us consult to the dentists for teeth whitening or bleaching when our teeth start to look yellow. However for those who have dental bridges is not so easy to get a white smile. Teeth whiting products and treatment methods can brighten the teeth that have been blemished or dark because of food, wound, and tobacco, etc. In order to get the best outcome, an individual should consult with a reputed dentist. Generally, a dentist diagnoses oral health of patient to ensure there are no gum diseases, cavities and dental bridge, etc. before starting teeth whitening treatment. In some cases, dentists do not recommend teeth whitening treatment to the patients.

Dental bridge is a perfect substitute to replace a missing or damaged tooth. Usually, the dentist uses a false tooth that matches the color of your other real teeth so that it will not look awkward. It offers look and function just like real teeth. Dental bridge is an inexpensive yet effective way to replace a damaged tooth. Dental bridges can be created with different materials including gold, alloys, ceramic or a combination of these materials. Usually, people prefer dental bridges made with porcelain that looks like real teeth.

If your main concern is to get white pearly teeth, it is crucial to schedule an appointment with knowledgeable dentists for teeth bleaching. According to dentists, teeth whitening products containing 10% carbamide peroxide do not cause any damage to fillings, dentures, and bridges but it is not possible to lighten their color. However, after completing teeth bleaching and other teeth whitening treatment, you may need to replace dental bridges to match up the new shade achieved by natural teeth.

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