More and more couples dream to have an outdoor wedding and this is where wedding tent rentals can come in handy. It is not a surprise that modern couples envision themselves exchanging vows in the middle of a sentimental setting or in a spectacular outdoor location.

For the practical brides and grooms, renting a tent is the best way to make their dreams come true. However, it doesn’t mean that being in a tent will make you lose the beauty of the outdoors. In fact, there are several ways you can try to decorate the tent while still enjoying the view of the surroundings.

Let it Shine In wedding tent rentals

The simplest and most obvious way of incorporating the scenery is to let everything shine in. It can be done by keeping the walls or open or having plenty of windows. This technique will create the feeling of an outdoor wedding while keeping your guests covered. You can rent a tent that is a bit bigger than what you need. This ensures that the guests don’t have to be seated very close to the openings while enjoying a great view. You can also open only a few sides of the tent, especially the ones offering the best scenery. Renting a tent for your wedding doesn’t mean that you have to rent a box. It means that you have to integrate the best that the outdoors has to offer and bring it inside.

Go Transparent with wedding rentals

Another great option, although a bit expensive, is renting a tent with transparent roof. This is an extremely stunning and effective way to showcase the place and make your guests forget that they are actually sitting inside a tent. You can decorate these tents with carefully chosen lighting to create a more dramatic feel once the sun sets.


Tents that can be rented for weddings are usually more than just a simple canvass. There are companies which also offer some other types of party accessories. It means that they likely have other outdoor elements which can be brought inside the tent. Fountains and plants in the tent will create a seamless feel for your garden wedding. Companies can also provide materials for crafting raised centerpieces that will mimic outdoor elements.

Don’t Forget the Décor

Decorations in a wedding tent can also bring the surroundings’ feel indoors. Whether it is the flooring, accessories or furniture, choose materials which are part of that special location. If the setting was chosen because of its natural appeal, you can enhance the look of the tent with natural fibers. You can avoid manmade materials and opt for jute rugs or wood flooring. If the setting marks a location with significant architecture or history, an imitation of the stonework for flooring or as part of furniture pieces can make the event blend with the location.

It is very easy to decorate a wedding tent, especially since you can also find wedding rental company dc that can help you transform a simple tent to a glamorous venue in no time at all.

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