A floating card in the air can be an impressive magic trick whether you want to woo a party or the audience of your magic show. You will need a card with clear plastic, an invisible thread, and some other magic supplies. However, if you want, you can use a regular card and thread.

Use An Adhesive For Floating A Playing Card In Mid Air

  • Take a normal card from a deck and a small strip of plastic. The length of the plastic should be enough that it can cover the but not too much that it edges out of the card. The plastic should be thick but flexible.
  • Use glue or tape to stick the plastic to the card lengthwise. Make sure to stick only the middle area of the plastic to the card and you can lift the two ends of the plastic with your fingers. If it’s difficult to hold the entire card with the two ends of the plastic, use a longer plastic.
  • You can also make a levitating card by buying cards that come with a clear plastic strip attached to the center of the cards. You can make the open ends of the plastic to fit your thumb and middle finger when you keep the card face up on your palm so the plastic ends are concealed behind the card and it appears that the card is levitating.
  • Once you have created your floating card, you should practice setting the angles well because the trick works when the card is placed perfectly on your palm and the plastic ends are behind the card. Slowly move the card at the angles that will make it appear that the card is levitating.
  • When you perform this trick in front of an audience, make sure your hand is a bit lower so the audience can’t see the plastic behind the hand that is held by your thumb and middle finger.

Using An Invisible Thread For Levitating A Card

For this floating card technique, you need a hummer card and an invisible thread. You will need a longer thread so it can go from your face to the card.

  • Take the invisible thread of an arm’s length and stick one end to the back of your ear and the other end to the top of the card. Make sure that you glue to stick the string to the ear of your dominant side. If you’re right hander, stick the thread to your right ear.
  • Keep the card in your hands like it’s a normal card and show the audience that it’s a normal card.
  • Announce that you’re going to float this card in the air when you have already set up the card and it’s ready to appear as a floating card whenever you want.
  • Use your hand movements to slightly move the thread unnoticeably and leave the card in the air. The card will appear as levitating.

Using Your Fingers To Float A Card In The Air

  • Take a deck of cards and hold it horizontally with both hands. The face of the cards should be in front of the audience and the palm of your hands should be in front of you.
  • Make sure that your index finger is behind the cards.
  • Use your index finger to slowly lift the card closest to the finger up.
  • With your other hand, make a move to show that you’re using it to levitate the card. This will make the act more convincing.

Tips And Tricks For Levitating A Card

  • When performing this magic trick, you would want to impress the audience. So, make sure that your audience is in front of you a few feet away because if they are too close, they will be able to notice the secret behind the trick.
  • Practice making your levitating card trick appear natural. Some magicians move their hands too quickly and the cards’ movements don’t look natural. Move your hand slowly and practice this so the levitation of the card appears completely natural.

Making a card levitate is an exciting magic trick. Get the invisible thread and hummer card from a magic shop and make sure to practice. Moreover, plan your trick and how you’re going to present it to the audience. ronjo

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