Proposing to a girl is something which causes many sleepless nights to boys who do not understand what would be the best way to manifest their expressions of love to the girl of their dreams. The moment when the man proposes to the woman is something very special and would be remembered till the last moment of life. It is thus important that you know the best ways that will ensure that you put up a dramatic proposal scene and get an affirmative answer from the girl as well.

Know her choice

Not all girls love the filmy way of the guy going on his knees while proposing to her. If you try and do something like that to a girl who loves it the plain and simple way, all you would be getting is an embarrassing no from the girl.

Be yourself

This is one of the most common tips that any love-seeker gets from his friends while he seeks suggestion on how to propose. The problem is that most people tend to forget this at the right time. Most girls would accept you the way you are, provided you let her know who you are actually. Trying to make up your image with flashy things may not always be liked by the girl who wants you to be what you are.

Plan a candle-lit dinner

There is nothing as romantic as a candle-lit dinner when it comes to creating the right ambience for proposing to a girl. You can either plan the dinner at a restaurant or even at your place. If it’s at your place, you may want to cook one of her favorite dishes as well.

Say it where you met her first

Just like proposals get etched in memories forever, first meetings are also very special to couples who plan to take their relationship to the nuptial knots. It is hence a wise idea to take her to the place where you first met and propose to her there. You may want to recreate the same moment before you say those three magical words to the girl of your dreams.

Try something unique

All the above-mentioned ways are time-tested methods of proposing to a girl. If you want to make it really unique and creative, you can try one of the following things.

  • Get the proposal message printed on your t-shirt and show up at her doorstep
  • Create banner and hang it outside her window
  • Call up the local radio station and propose to her on air
  • Write it down on the cover of a pizza box and get it delivered to her
  • Scribble it on the sand while you take her out on a walk at the beach

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