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Are you suffering from a broken love relationship? Do you want to fix this not working love before it gets out of hand?

Romance comes so simple those first months. It is effortless and we don’t have to job at it because the quick passion takes care of everything. Anyway, once that passions starts to return to a more general level, the reality about our romance hits us in the face. Before long we are looking at a broken love. Here is how to fix it, or improve it.

Who did you fall in love with?

During the dating process women and men tend to be on their top behavior. We are a quite more patient than usual and we let a lot of things slide that we generally would not. After all, he is so handsome and cute, so what if he clucks his tongue in an irritating manner every time he has something to say.

Does not take high time for that clucking to truly get to you though, does it? We learn who he truly is, and it is not all that romantic, and he learns that we are not s simple to live with as we may have let on.

The large lesson here is to never guess that everything will be as hunky-dorey as it is those initial few months.

Real understanding

Once we get to view the real nature of our partner. It can take a while to exactly come to understand the man we fall in love with. Where we though he was powerful, he may have a weakness. Where we though he was competent, we learn he is incompetent. It is at this time we discover if we are really in love or if it is a broken love that we are facing.

The top way to stop this is to reject grand illusions of fairy tale ending and view the man before you for who he truly is. The higher you put him on a base and consider him excellent in every way, the bad the realization of the mere mortal he is will be for you.

Accept the reality

Most ladies have a pretty set way of looking at a relationship. They want their mean to act a certain way, treat them in a different manner and let go of different things from his single life. While a degree of this is normal and natural, going over the top is not. And definitely, little of this is talked during those passion filled first dates.

Few ladies will tell their new guy that in a very little amount of time he will have little or no choice at all if he stays with her.

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