Child with asthmatic problems is take inhalation with mask on her face.

Statistics show that asthma has well penetrated throughout the world. There were about 300 million asthma patients around the world as of 2009. In USA the young asthma sufferers exceed the elderly ones. Their number is increasing year by year. Most of the Americans can be included in the group of people who always want an   asthma clinic near me .If you or any of your family members are suffering from asthma, you will have to bear the burden and choose the correct and the most suitable asthma doctor form different groups of doctors who are capable of treating this problem. Let us examine these groups of doctors one by one and see who will be the most suitable candidate for your purpose.


Asthma can occur due to the presence of allergens like pollen. If it is the reason for your asthma then allergist will be the suitable asthma doctor for treating your asthma. Allergists are usually pediatricians who have got special training in allergy. Allergists can ascertain the allergens and prescribe you medications and the life style changes needed for coping up with the disease. Animal dander, mold spores etc also are allergens for some persons.


Sometimes the cause asthma may not be allergens, and it can be intrinsic asthma. Internists are the group of doctors who specialize in medicines for such problems. Pulmonologists are the doctors in asthma clinic who treats for asthma and other inflammatory diseases. Smoking related asthma is also treated by them. So treatment for asthma for adults can be done by these doctors.

ENT specialist

ENT specialists treat disorders relating to ear, nose and throat. If asthma is caused by sinus or throat infections or by colds then ENT specialist will be the suitable asthma doctor for treating it.

Pediatrician:  When kids are troubled with asthma only a pediatrician will be able to give good treatment for the kids. Most fathers and mothers will agree that kids have special needs and pediatrician is the best doctor to treat all their disorders. Pediatric pulmonologists and allergists will be the most suitable asthma clinic for treating children troubled with asthma.

How to choose the correct doctor?

Before selecting a doctor, make sure that he is board certified. You should also consider his experience and other backgrounds in the medical field.  A specialist who take part in academic activities and doctors who have got good reviews in online portals will be more suitable for your medical needs.

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