Breaking up causes the bad emotional pain you will face. Millions of people go through this every day. Some go through a high depression causing them mental and physical sickness while others cope to move on with their life. Enduring this type of pain makes it hard for most people to go on with life as it never occurred.

Lots of people get interested with someone to ignore the pain, but a rebound relationship is not the reply. When you get close with someone new, and they treat with love and kindness, it feels like love. You are trying to ignore the one who pulled out on you so the fresh affairs like love. When there is a feeling of kissing, touch and hugs along with all the focus, it provides you hope that old connection will come to pass. It takes time and perfect moves to find the next real love.

So can a rebound relationship feel like love?

Definitely, it can but it is just infatuation hoping it will change to love-making you ignore all the pain you are feeling. A rebound relationship is an error for different factors. You don’t know the human being you are hooked up with. It takes time to know someone, their dislikes, likes, are they an ex-con, do they have a temper?

Some females get trapped in a rebound connection with no way out. She’s hooked up with an insane jealous maniac that manages her and puts the danger into her. Sometimes, when you get interested with any person you don’t know, it comes back to trouble you, sometimes, for the rest of your life.

Online dating sites for love

Some women revert to internet dating websites looking for love. That is a large error because the members at these websites are careful with fake profiles.

They are looking for 2 things. A single night of fun, or they are looking for cash. The websites does not screen their members and there are many that are drug users, ex-cons, spousal abuse and rapists.

Some members from these websites can be unsafe causing you worse or injury. But some ladies have met who they thought was their real love, got married and had children living a life of depression.

Once he grips them, they cannot get out. Generally this is caused from a recent breakup. She tries to get over the pain with the initial guy who turns on his attraction falling for him.

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