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Almost every basketball player has a desire to dunk a basketball. Basketball is a sport in which aptitude of jump matters is a really great deal. This talent can help you lift up the game on another level and you to be a champion in this game. The basketball players keep trying latest and top-notch techniques to improve their proficiency to jump higher. A player who can jump higher can grab loads of rebounds and block the shots and score a number of points for your team.

The best and simple technique to jump higher is to boost your vertical jump through a comprehensive training routine. There are two basic methods to pick up vertical jump- strength training and agility training.

Strength Training

To dunk a basketball and jump really higher, it is must to strengthen some specific muscles of your body. You can start a weight lifting routine that target some particular muscles including calf muscle, hamstrings, quadriceps and more. According to the experts, it is always beneficial to start and sustain a high-rep and high-intensity workout. You should talk to well-practiced basketball player or coach before starting the training.

Some popular and crucial weight training exercises are-

  • High-rep squats,
  • Dead lifts,
  • Calf raises,
  • Leg extension,
  • Hamstring tresses

Incorporating such exercises on your daily routine will definitely help your game immensely.

Agility Training

A good basketball player should be quick and attentive. These capabilities are also essential to jump higher. In order to learn and pick up these skills, agility training is must.  This training creates more fast-twitch fibers which ultimately helps you to enhance explosiveness.

In addition to agility training, jumping rope, stair jumps, rim touches and lots more exercise can help you to jump higher in basketball.

Start Today!

Start the training today does not delay it. It is good to consult with an experienced player or coach so that you can get most out of it. You can also browse the internet to gather information about such programs. Take good care of your diet and implement practice on your daily routine. Dedication and regular hard work will definitely help you to turn your dream into reality.

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