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How to deal with recurring allergies

It is a known fact that nearly 20 percent of the adult population of the world suffers from allergies. For me, it is already here with the onset of this season as a reprimand. Unluckily, recurrent allergies can make the spring season to appear horrible and the beautiful fall of the leaves totally miserable. But do not take these seasonal allergies lightly, as these recurrent allergies can actually brunt your capability to perform various tasks and thus leave you impaired for the rest of the season or even for the rest of your life!

As allergy is a serious issue, it should not be taken flippantly, and hence when the signs of allergy start to appear they should be cured. Allergy symptoms are so usual that no one sees them as a sigh of any kind of serious impairment but this is not correct. Steps should be taken to prevent recurrent allergy. Handling the season allergy is not an easy task. As the symptoms of allergies has grown like a fact of life for many people among us.

Few facts and folklore related to allergies

The starting symptoms of allergies are like itching in the sensitive white area of the eyes, frequent sneezing, running nose, rough throat etc.

Another interesting fact attached to allergy is that more than twenty percent of the world’s population suffers with some sort of allergies; and approx 14 million medical leaves are taken in America every year by people for the treatment of allergies.

* Folklore – “Colds drug”.  Many people this that colds medication is going to help them in curing recurrent allergies. But these drugs are only competent when a person is caught by cold and is not going to help in any way to get rid of allergy symptoms.

A friendly advice- Do not let those pills pass through your throat even if your friends or family recommend it to you. Consume medication which is prescribed to you by your doctor, it will help you to reprieve.

* Folklore – “Air purifiers”. Its right that purified air will help you to a certain degree in preventing allergies, but however the purifiers cannot clean out pollen.

* Fact – Over the counter tablets do work! The allergy medicines that are available at the chemist’s are great. As the chemist provide you with the appropriate drug which can minimize the effect of allergy. But p-l-e-a-s-e never ever self medicate.

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