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Sleep disorders or sleep disturbances may cause you many problems like inability to sleep, frequent awakenings during sleep in night etc.  It’s a medical disorder when a person starts facing problem during sleep at night.  If it happens one time or another due to stress or other factors then you can take it normal, but if it is occurring frequently and disturbing your routine life then it is a serious problem. Sleep disorder result in lack of quality and sound sleep. This can impact your life, energy, emotional balance, physical balance and health in a negative manner.

Necessity of good sleep

Good sleep is very necessary for good health. People who are suffering from sleep disorder experience health issues. Sleep disorders should not be ignored, if you do it can lead to poor health, poor performance at the workplace, accidents and issues in a relationship. To remain healthy and physically being well, good sleep is a necessity not a luxury. If you have a good sleep, you feel energetic whole day. Feeling tiring and falling asleep whole time is a sign of a sleep disorder. It directly harms mental health as for keeping brain healthy and memory sharp sound sleep is very important.

Categories of sleep disturbances

Insomnia: It’s a very common type of sleep disturbance in which inability to sleep at night and to go back to sleep after waking up in night occur. Person suffering from insomnia has to take sleeping pills for sleep; he cannot take proper sleep in night and feels to fall asleep during the day, feels tired and unenergetic.  Insomnia can be cured by changing your lifestyle. Healthy habits make you get good sleep and recover insomnia.

Sleep Apnea: It occurs when there is a breathing problem during sleep in night due to some king of blockage of the upper airways. It’s a very serious and potentially life threatening disorder. It can be successfully treated by using Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). Loud snoring and frequent pauses in breathing while sleeping are some symptoms of sleep apnea.

Restless Leg syndrome: It causes a situation of an irresistible urge to move the arm or leg while sleeping. In this, irresistible sensations happen in legs and increase during sleep. By taking proper medication it can be cured.

Narcolepsy: It causes frequent and almost uncontrollable sleeps in daytime. It is a result of malfunctioning of brain that controls sleeping and waking. It causes sleep attacks while talking, working, driving etc. Proper medication and a change in lifestyle is the cure for narcolepsy.

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