Residential Chimney Maintenance

Warming up sitting beside a fireplace with family can really be an enjoyable moment. But the moment would not last much if the brick chimney is not regularly maintained. Moreover it may turn to be more harmful than you have ever thought of and the instances of such incidents are many throughout the year. According to a survey by American Red Cross chimneys as well as fireplaces are a very common cause of all the fire accidents that take place in the country that is why you need to hire a chimney sweep company.

A means for comfort and also a cause for disaster

The report of the survey is alarming and leads us to the question as to how this chimneys and fireplaces which are intended for our convenience and comfort can cause such disasters. The cause is not very difficult to find out and the precautions are also not so difficult to adopt.

The inner picture of a chimney

Generally what happens in case of chimneys is it is used for years after years without proper or any chimney maintenance whatsoever. Now let’s have a closer look at what happens inside. The fumes and the smokes that are generated out of the combustion of the woods, find their way out into the air through the chimney pipe or the flue. This is a constant process that goes on and on for years. As a result a dangerous substance named creosote is deposited on the wall of the flue. It is dangerous in the sense that the material is inflammable. And with repeated deposit, the amount increases to a risky level with the potential to cause a considerable fire accident even without the knowledge of the inmates of the house. That’s not all; there is more to tell-with the repeated deposit of creosote, which we talked about above, the walls of the duct get narrowed down. So the smoke wanting to go out fails in its attempt and is reversed back to the room itself. And the smoke which is full of Carbone mono oxide fills the room which might result in extreme health hazards including death in extreme cases. So if you have a least amount of concern for the life of yours and that of your family member, you will give a second thought regarding the service of your chimney right away.

The services to look for

It is also expected of you that you will resort to the best service for this purpose. So it is none other than chimney masonry MD, a company highly skilled in all chimney works specially chimney Lining. The company will carefully examine all stuffs including damper, crown, chimney lining company, firebox etc. and decide on the line of action to be taken. But you don’t have to worry as chimney masonry MD is doing it for you.

The author is a mechanical engineer specialized in chimney sweep services annapolis and has been associated with chimney masonry MD for years as a chief advisor not only in technical field but also in strategic decision making. His articles are published in eminent business dailies on regular basis.

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