When somebody plans to construct a patio in his courtyard often the most important  aspect that occupies his mind will be  how to reduce the unwanted expenses connected with it and how to make it maximum attractive and useful. Another thing which he will be thinking is how to get the construction of the patio done? Either through brick patio contractors or as a DIY project? In this article I am considering the first case. So, let us consider the important   aspects one  should keep in mind while instructing the patio designer about the patio you want to construct.

Low cost patios which are easy to maintain will be the most preferred patio by home owners. Usually patios are created using many materials.  But patios made from pavers are the best and is hard to beat it for its ease of installation as well as its low maintenance cost. The initial cost for its construction may be a little higher than the other ones. But as you need not have to repeatedly stain or seal it you will save a lot amount in the long run. In addition to this repairs are easier on paver patios. Patios have to be considered as something more that pavers surrounded by shrubs or plants. It is going to give style and convenience to the backyard of your house.

Design styles

The style of the patio should be matching to the style of your house. For traditional homes stone patios are considered suitable. Meandering walkway is often selected for cottages and decking with perfect lines is good for modern homes. The styles of the plants like minimalistic, leafy, colourful etc are also to be considered while constructing a patio in your house.

Pleasing Patio Designs

Great patio designs are often obtained by savvy plant choice and   hardscaping the outdoor space so as to give you a perfect backyard gateway in summer as well as spring seasons. Merging the classic with the contemporary will give the old-world design altered and stylized with in tune with the contemporary style.

Beautiful backgrounds

There often will be walls or fences surrounding the patio which often have great impact on patio design. If these are covered by painting the designer has to take this into account and provide some solution for this problem. In some formal gardens, container gardens in ports may leap out against tall trees growing in the background.   The designer of patio has to take into account facts like this which are peculiar to each backyard and the patio you are planning to install.

Material maintenance

Stone tiles are easily cleanable and for this reason this has become the most practical and common choice for patios. Wood decking has to be treated with preservatives regularly to prevent rotting and staining.


Without regard to the material chosen for your patios, drainage is a very important matter one has to consider while thinking about designing a patio in the backyard of his house.  For water runoff drainage is needed for pavers. Removable panels are clearing the water blockage in decks.

Trellises often create beautiful shadows and help in filtering the sunlight. Climbing plants can give shade and additional greenery when they are matured.

Extras for patio contractor

Now it is time to consider what are the extra features needed for your patio to make it more useful, versatile and attractive. A fireplace can give extended use of your patio in the winter months or into the evening hours. Similarly adding some water feature can give a soothing ambience.

Light it up

The beautiful elements of the patio can be highlighted if your patio is lighted up. It will also make your patio safer when the sun goes down.

Wood ceiling

A distinctive and warm look will be added to the patio if you can provide a wood ceiling to it.  The palm tree decorations with a flat-screen TV   can be provided at the fireplace which will be advantageous to the activities related to spa and pool

Tropical Paradise

 A pergola can create a relaxing and shade spot for youngsters and fun lovers to sit together and enjoy.  If one can install a patio underneath a tree where grass is not growing that will be like a paradise for him. Similarly, if one can construct brick stairs to the water garden leading to a small bridge, that will be awesome.

In this way one can make the patio in the backyard of one’s house a great gift that adds value and comfort and appreciation to the owner. After considering all the above aspects now it is time to decide whether stone patio contractors long island will be the suitable contractors for fulfilling your most cherished dream?  This matter will be considered in the next article on this subject.

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