Forklifts are one of the most used industrial equipment, and they have a power operated platform at the front. Forklift has a fork on its front which you can move up and down, and place it underneath a cargo to move it anywhere. Forklifts from small crane rentals are usually powered by combustion engines, but there are also some electricity operated types.

Additionally, forklifts come in varieties that require the operator to either sit or stand while operating the vehicle. Forklifts are often used to move goods from one place to the other.

Here is some more useful information about forklifts that you must know.

What Is A Forklift Made Of?

Forklifts, like any other piece of machinery, are made of many different moving parts which all join together to work perfectly. Ideally, these forklifts are used to lift up heavy loads which otherwise won’t be possible for a few people to lift.

Here are some of the major parts of a forklift.


Base of the forklift is made by its frame. This frame is an important thing that holds lots of other things like wheels, mast, and counterweight together.


Just like many other heavy duty vehicles, forklift is also powered by an engine. Engine of the forklift can be powered with gasoline, diesel, LPG, natural gas and CNG.

There are also some forklift models which are powered by lead-acid batteries, and thus, are called electric forklifts.


Mast is the thing which helps you lift up or lower down the load. Horizontal controls are allowed by interlocking rails. You can install the mast with rollers as well.


Counterweight does exactly what it sounds like. It is used to counter the weight of the item that the vehicle lifts up. To make it really heavy, the counterweight is made from cast iron, and can be found sitting in the rear of the forklift. It also determines the weight capacity of a forklift.


Carriage is actually located in the base of the forklift, and is attached to the mast rails. It allows the mas rails to easily move up and down.

Uses Of Forklifts

The invention of forklifts have transformed the whole storage and shipping industry for the better. These vehicles are now a must have for all large storage facilities which often store and ship heavy materials and goods.

Here are some places in which forklifts are often used.

Recycling Facilities

Forklifts are very commonly used in recycling facilities. They can be used to take off the vehicles and things that are to be recycled from heavy duty trucks. They can be used to directly send the recyclable materials to sorting bays.

Forklifts are preferred in recycling facilities because they can easily unload different types of storage vehicles.


Forklifts have been used for many years in the shipping industry. They are still popularly used in the process of loading and unloading ships. They can carry cargo directly off of the delivery trucks, and can help place them directly in the ships, or in dockyards from where they can make their way into the ships. Forklifts are popular for use in steel and wood containing shipments, and can bear heavy loads easily.

Construction Sites

The same forklift cranes which are used in industries can also be used on construction sites. These can work on a number of different terrains, and are often used by construction workers to transport heavy building materials to certain distances. You can also use a forklift as just a vehicle in a large construction site.

They can be used to carry and transport any materials like bricks, blocks, steel joists, and a number of other types of construction equipment. Workers can easily haul the construction materials from the delivery truck to their destination without exhausting themselves.


Probably one of the most common use cases of a forklift is in a warehouse. They are typically used to load and unload delivery trucks. Quite a few different forklift types are available for use in warehouses that can be rented from crane rental services VA. These can have a different size and maximum load capacity depending on the intended use. The plate of a forklift determines the maximum weight it can lift up.

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