If you own a spa or salon, you might be aware of how important are reviews and your online reputation for success. The reputation of your spa is not only dependent on how you do business but also what people have to say about it. Internet could either be a blessing or an evil entity for your business if you do not monitor or manage online reviews with the help of a customer review software. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to discuss how to monitor online reviews so that your business carries a good reputation.

Monitor Review Sites

Monitoring review sites is one of the most important factors when it comes to developing a good reputation. You can monitor review sites such as Yelp. It might be that your business is listed there, even if you haven’t listed it yourself. The reason being that online directories usually allow anyone to add listings. Therefore, if your business is listed and collecting reviews, you need to inspect that. Whenever possible, claim your listings and monitor these sites on a daily basis. However, if you see a negative review, do not panic. Respond in a professional manner.

Set Up Google Alerts

Another impressive way of monitoring online reviews is by setting up Google Alerts. In a way, it’s a blessing. Whenever new content is published featuring keywords that you choose, Google will send you an alert. You can set up an alert for your business name, your name, or anything related. With Google Alerts to your aid, you will always be informed of what is being said about your business. As a result, you can respond to positive reviews and tackle negative reviews instantly.

Monitor Social Media Accounts

Today, almost every business is present online. Top brands in the world make use of social media platforms to reach a broader audience. This is where potential customers from across the world can get in touch with the brands and ask questions along with purchasing items. Moreover, this is also where thousands of people are following you and if multiple people were to pen down negative reviews, then you will surely lose sales and customers. Furthermore, you can set up phone or email notifications so that you are always aware of what is happening around you.

Monitor Your Blog

Owning and running a salon blog is a great way to interact with customers. You get to help them and answer their questions. This along with several other factors help you earn positive reviews. While you are working on managing your online reputation, you are automatically gaining a positive reputation. Managing your business blog is important because spam content will ruin your reputation. If you choose to be lazy and overlook what is happening at your blog, the spammers will win and gibberish comments will take away everything.

Ask Your Customers

This is one of the most overlooked factors in terms of online reputation. Online business and spa owners tend to be afraid of asking what the customers have to say. While one can avoid negative reviews but also miss several golden opportunities to improve reputation. Do not step back from conducting surveys and polls. Furthermore, be confident and deal with negative reviews like a boss. That way you can cash in by proving that you at least dealt with criticism.

Verify Partners

If you intend to join hands with a company, make sure that you verify them. Verification means investigating to see if the company is or was involved in fishy situations. If you come to find out some negative things, do not panic. Instead, dig a bit further and try to find out the reason behind the situation. It might be that your about to be partner is not involved directly and was just false news. The point is that you do not want to be collaborating with someone that could potentially harm your reputation in the future. For this reason alone, you need to verify your partner or partners.

Final Word

Monitoring online reviews and building reputation demands one to be vigilant. You have to be everywhere at all times with tools like review management system. If there is something negative, learn the art of turning it into positive. That way, your online credibility will rise more than you expect.

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