Many people get auto glass tinting on their vehicles for UV protection and other reasons. However, it cannot stay perfect forever. You will have to replace it sooner or later. Following are the instructions to help you know when the car window tint should be replaced.

Bubbles and Air Bulges

There are a number of signs when it comes to replacement of the car window tint. One of the best signs to know is the presence of bulges and air bubbles. This occurs between the glass and tinting. According to experts, there are many reasons for this. However, poor installation and low quality of the tint are top most reasons which cause bulges. Therefore, with this sign, you should replace the car window tint.

Fading and Purpling

This is another indicator which shows it is time to replace the car window tint. It should be noted that the tint comes in dark color. However, the color fades or changes over the years. When the color turns from dark to purple, it shows the tint must be replaced. It looks ugly. Moreover, you should choose tint films with best quality as they do not lose their color very often.


Peeling is another sign which calls for replacement of the car window tint. When the tint film is applied, adhesives are used to keep them intact. But the adhesives become loose after some time or when they are of poor quality. As this occurs, you should prepare to change it. It must be kept in mind that removing the tint film is not easy. That is why you should seek the help of a professional and let them do it for you.

Damaged Car Interiors

The window tints are used for a number of reasons. Protection of the interior, including seats, dashboard, color of the interior and safety are the top reasons. But you may notice that there is some sort of damage inside the interior. It can be a change in colors, and such other issues. This is a sign that you must replace the car window tint as it has become useless and is not doing its job very well.

Temperature is High Despite Full AC Blast

Many people have reported that the temperature inside the vehicle is still high when the air conditioner is turned on. It makes hard for you to sit inside the car and drive it. As per the experts, this indicates a problem with the tint film. It could be damaged or might have lost its firmness. Therefore, you should inspect it and replace in case of any issues.

Replace After 5 Years

There are a variety of window tint films used nowadays. Most of the films work for five years or even more. However, the hybrid tint film are fine to go for ten years. With this in mind, you should check if the tint has crossed five years or more. This will help you know in a better way, whether to replace the film or not.

Other Reasons to Replace Car Window Tint

Apart from the signs, below are some more reasons for which you should replace the car window tint.

Better Appearance

Appearance remains one of the most convincing reasons to change the car window tint. Many people prefer to replace the tint film as it loses color or they find a better tint with better appearance.

Better UV Protection for Health

These days, the tints being used are more advanced in terms of features. They are effective to prevent the UV rays enter your car. It helps you to remain safe and protect yourself against the harmful UV rays. Therefore, you may need to replace the window tint.

Avoid Citation Tickets for Obstruction of View

In some states, there are laws which ask the owners to remove the tint or change it before their tickets are dismissed. This consideration is quite helpful to convince you it is time for change in the tint film.

Prevent Damage from Wear and Tear

It is a fact that the car window tints available at window tint shops Springfield are durable. They work for years. However, if the tint is damaged or poor, this will affect the car interior and may lead to early wear and tear. Therefore, you should change them.

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