Apart from your house, your car is the most valuable investment. It represents you. If you were to keep it clean and maintained, you will fetch a good resale value. With that said, Teflon and ceramic coatings are popular choices as car bodywork protection films. So, we are going to discuss the two and see which is the better choice.

What Is Teflon Coating?

Teflon is a material that is used in household products as well as automotive. In other words, it is called poly-tetra-fluoro-ethylene. Today, Teflon coating has become a reasonable alternative to ceramic and glass coatings. It is relatively cheaper and does a pretty good job in protecting vehicles. Typically, a Teflon layer is around 0.2 microns thick and can last somewhere around 6 to 8 months.

Additionally, it protects your vehicle against scrapes and swirls, etc. Therefore, if you are someone who cannot spare enough time to maintain their vehicle during the week, Teflon coating is one of the best choices.

Is Teflon Coating Good For Vehicles?

As mentioned earlier, Teflon coating not only protects the vehicle against scratches and swirls but also rust, erosion, and ecological effects. Apart from keeping your vehicle looking as good as new, Teflon does not bond with the paint but instead forms a defensive layer over the paint. However, the main difficulty with using Teflon is its solidness. If a Teflon coating is applied, car experts do not recommend using products that may wear out the coating.

Disadvantages Of Teflon Coating

Even though Teflon coating makes your vehicle look as good as new, there are certain disadvantages you need to consider as well. Teflon coatings are not a one-time procedure. Vehicle owners need to apply a fresh coat every few months. This means that while a single session is affordable by many but financing recurring Teflon coatings can burn a hole in your pocket.

What Is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is the next best alternative to Teflon coating. It is applied to the top layer of the paint. Contrary to Teflon coating, ceramic coating bonds to the atomic level and adds a hydrophobic layer to the surface. This hydrophobic surface protects the paint against contaminants, extreme weather conditions, swirls, and minor scratches.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of applying the ceramic coating is its ability to repel UV rays. As a result, your vehicle does not turn into an oven in the summer. When a vehicle is parked directly under the sun for hours during the day, its paint is bound to get faded. However, ceramic coating is engineered to prevent that.

While ceramic coating will last for several years if maintained properly, Teflon coatings on the other hand are not that durable. These coatings will hardly remain on the surface for a year before you get a new one re-applied.

Difference Between Ceramic And Teflon Coating

Both Teflon and ceramic coating are meant to protect your vehicle’s paint. However, as mentioned previously Teflon coatings do not last as long as ceramic coatings. As a result, there is a significant difference in the price as well. Therefore, those who cannot afford to get ceramic coating done can opt for Teflon coating.

Another noticeable difference between ceramic and Teflon coating is that ceramic coating has been around for relatively longer than Teflon coating. As a result, you have several major detailing brands that specialize in producing ceramic coatings. But that is not the case with Teflon coating since it is a new entrant. Altogether, while ceramic coating has cemented its place in the detailing industry, it is hard for customers to opt for anything else.

How Long Does It Take To Apply Teflon Coating?

The duration of Teflon coating application depends on the type and size of the vehicle. The bigger and longer the vehicle the longer the duration. However, in most cases, Teflon coating is done within a few hours. Meanwhile, ceramic coating can take a few days.

Final Word

Concluding, Teflon coatings are a reasonable option when it comes to protecting your vehicle, especially if you are working with a limited budget. However, you need to take into consideration the durability factor as well before going to paint protection film installers Springfield.

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