Luxury home interior boasts amazing white kitchen with custom white shaker cabinets, endless marble topped kitchen island with drawers and stainless steel appliances over wide planked hardwood floor.

Cornice or Crown Molding is definitely a very crucial architectural accent for detailing the interior space. These days, most of the designers will agree that crown molding contractor is essential to improve the interior structure of a room. It helps in smoothing the wall to ceiling transitions, thus creating a wonderful architectural pattern for the room. In fact, Cornice is also used to provide finishing touches to fireplaces, built-ins, and cabinets. This type of molding exists right from the time of plastered ceilings. Molding for rooms varies according to the functionality of the place. Say for example, a reception room will always feature ornate moldings while kitchen or bathroom space may introduce crown molding. It is the stylization along with size that varies according to the construction structure of the room.

Benefits of crown molding

This type of molding will definitely enhance the overall appearance of any room and promises easy installation. However, when installing more complex and larger molding structures, little bit of cautious approach needs to be taken to match patterns at corners and joints perfectly. Larger molding base can also be achieved through joining quite a few smaller moldings. This is an intelligent way to create custom moldings according to tastes and liking. In fact, built-up molding style can be highly useful in hiding some of the variations in walls and ceilings.

The proper sizing matters when it comes to trim work

Proper sizing matters largely. The size should be selected as per the height of the ceiling. Large sized crown moldings have also been used to decorate rooms having modest proportions. Proper scaling of the casings and other type of moldings according to the size of the cornice should be done. Also, while selecting the cornice, there are numerous styles available to make a pick. Once the size is decided, it is necessary to look at the pattern and make the selection accordingly. Finally, decide on the maximum amount of molding to purchase. There will be a trim work contractor port jefferson to be conducted at every single joint. Measuring the perimeter of room helps in the process. However, there should be 10% +- tolerance in regards to the waster factor. It is necessary to optimize the use of stock lengths to allow for waste cutting from corners and repeat patterns. Cut list can be highly useful in eliminating the unnecessary joints. Some of the cornices are available in different length patterns also. This helps in eliminating the waste and joints.

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